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Mrs. McCann interview tomorrow at Portuguese newspaper Destak

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Mrs. McCann interview tomorrow at Portuguese newspaper Destak

Post by Pedro Silva on Wed May 18, 2011 2:09 am

My friends, I received this, through google alert:


Kate McCann tells in first person, how have been the four years since the disappearance of her daughter. Tomorrow, do not miss the big interview of Isabel Stilwell to Kate McCann, exclusively in Destak.

Pedro Silva
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Mrs. McCann interview at Portuguese newspaper Destak

Post by Pedro Silva on Wed May 18, 2011 8:29 pm

My friends, here is the complete interview:



Interview Kate McCann

"What face must have the mother of a missing child?”

There is no greater pain than the disappearance of a child and "believe that nobody wanted to be in our place," says Madeleine's mother, four years after the disappearance of her daughter. Kate speaks to Destak about the nightmare that began on the night of May 3 in Praia da Luz, and that never ended, compounded by the false accusations that were targeted and who have forgotten that there is a child who is still missing.

Isabel Stilwell | editorial@destak.pt

What led you to write this book?

I wrote this book to share with people the truth and above all so that our children had to register the truth.

The decision to publish was made to raise money for the Madeleine's Fund, so that it can continue to look for our daughter.

We're the ones who continue to seek it. We also hope that the book brings new information that lead us to it.

Have you not afraid that the writings can be misrepresented?

He stated that my book was full, true and real. I knew I had to give everything for my children above all. When I do something I need to give 100% and from the heart and could not escape the most difficult issues.

He complains that you was accused of being cold. This book can change this pre-judgment that was done to you?

I write only about truth and about what I felt, what I was feeling - who can dictate with what face should appear the mother of a missing child? People can judge it as they wish, but unless someone has gone through what we've had, it is impossible to know what someone feels in these circumstances.

Why would someone feels entitled to judge when the court is based on ignorance? Believe me, nobody wanted to be in our place.

You told repeatedly, that the guilt of not having been there to protect your daughter is a heavy cross to carry forever. Why do you think that despite this, many people insist on 'neglect' - is it done as a defense mechanism?

I think so. I think that Madeleine's abduction terrorized everyone, especially parents. There will be some people who criticize as a form of self-protection. By blaming ourselves, trying to convince themselves that this never ever happened to them or their children. It's understandable. Nobody wants to accept something so horrible. However, while the situation remains as is, there is a little girl who is still missing and separated from her family and a criminal who steals children, who are allowed to continue free.

You write that on the eve of Madeleine's disappearance, Madeleine complained of waking up and crying for herself, that her pajama had a spot that felt strange and overly tired. You called these facts before, or only after?

Assess developments after knowing what happened next is so easy, it was fantastic we had the same ability to predict the future! Never in a million years would have been able to imagine that something so horrible could happen to any of my children. It was not just on our radar interior. Our only concern when Madeleine made that comment was the possibility that children could have woken up. One reason for this grim fact that never crossed our minda. At the time, we considered only innocent explanation - might have dropped tea on top, and fatigue was caused by an intense week. Why have thought anything else?

Placed next to whether the twins had been sedated. The police should have done tests?

Yes, I believe the police should have listened to our concerns and tests done to children, at least the next few days, if only to eliminate the possibility of being sedated.

You felt that the police were doing little to find her daughter?

Our distress on the night of the disappearance was intensified by the feeling that they acted as if there was no urgency. The police response was much slower than what we expected and we feel that our conviction that our daughter had been kidnapped, as opposed to the idea that would have vanished away 'on foot', was not answered. Obviously the language barrier made it difficult. As any parent can imagine in our situation, we want everything to be done is done and as soon as possible. It was terribly confusing when the police left us alone in the morning to 3 am the following morning, apparently nothing happened.

You complains of the lack of information that is given to parents?

Lack of information is unbearable when something terrible like this happens to a child. It seemed inhuman. We need to know what they are doing everything to find her, the child needs and deserves everything that is done to find her.

If the reason that was given to you for the lack of information was the Secret of Justice, how do you reacted when you realized that the journalists knew more than Kate?

We feel that the secrecy was not applicable to the police, or rather to some sectors of the police (we know that many have worked hard and honestly, and not in any way we want to generalize). We raised the issue of apparent leaks with those in charge of the investigation. They acknowledged that they were actually happening, but there were no internal investigation to determine who was responsible for them. However, they told us that if we shared any information about the investigation that we would be condemned to two years in prison.

What do you now know about the reliability of the dogs, whose 'testimony' was crucial for them to be considered suspect?

We know that the use of sniffer dogs is not an exact science. The warning from one of these dogs is not considered proof - the alerts need to be confirmed by the presence of body parts (for cadaver dogs) or by blood. A recent scientific study tested whether the dogs were able to identify if parts of a decomposing body had been in a room. Some rooms had body parts and rotting vegetables and the only other keeper of the dogs did not know which rooms they had had, or not, body parts. The material was removed and the dog handler and examined the rooms less than 12 hours later. And found that when dogs 'alerted' was twice as likely to prompt the body parts were wrong. Similar results have been demonstrated with dogs trained to detect drugs. Imagine how the results would be unreliable if the dogs had done? Test three months rather than 12 hours later?

There has been talk of the 'blood of Madeleine. " It was blood? Belonged to Madeleine?

A 'sample' was not identified by laboratory and blood. The DNA did not match to Madeleine. The experts stated that the sample was probably the result of the mixture of DNA from at least three people (and probably five!). The police knew these results before we were questioned as suspects.

Suddenly became aware that you were the prime suspect. What feeling is that it provoked?

We knew that if the police were to focus on us failed to find the person who took Madeleine and thus do not meet our daughter. Our biggest concern was that through the media, it was said that there was evidence of Madeleine's death, when it was clear that there wasn´t, which made it more clear that the police did not seek our daughter. Not surprisingly, this has led us very angry and upset, mainly because if people believe she was dead, they too would felt, because that was not worth to look. It was devastating.

Are you not afraid that the new book chord derby Portugal-Britain? That PJ will not say that this is exactly how it happened?

I hope with all my heart that everyone will remember that we have yet not found Madeleine. She remains missing. She needs us and we need to find her, to bring her back home to her family. It matters little whether we are British or Portuguese, we are a family of five, to whom a child has been stolen. An innocent child who needs help. Is not this the most important?

You afraid that dedicate your lives to seek for Madeleine, leaves less of yourself to the twins?

At first I was very worried that could happened, but not anymore, because I know that's not what happens. Sean and Amelie deserves to be happy and loved and I am determined to ensure they have a mummy they need and deserve. They are wonderful children and I love them deeply. Gerry and I devote a lot of time looking for Madeleine, but we care that this has no impact on our time with our other children. Not returned to my job as general practitioners, and so I have all the time while Sean and Amelie are in schoo,l to work in the search for Madeleine. And both are dedicated to the case when they had gone to bed. But they know we are looking for their sister and that is why we have to work so hard. Desperately they want their sister to come home.

Did you ever stop searching for your daughter?

Would you Isabel? Would you ever be able to stop looking for your daughter? I believe that no father and no mother give up on their child. So the answer can only be an unequivocal no.


Case reviewed by independent team

"Right now our Prime Minister agreed that the case should be reviewed by an independent investigative team. This is what we are asking for two years. This revision is necessary so that they can examine all aspects of the case, to connect the pieces of information and to help identify areas that require further investigation. We believe that the case review is required before the reopening of the investigation, so it has a concrete direction. We look forward to reach quickly to action, and we believe strongly that this reanalysis will increase the chances of finding Madeleine and those responsible for her kidnapping. "

"I know God is taking care of her”

"The absence of Madeleine in our life is painful and every time tangible. I know, however, that need to be positive to continue to seek it. I also know I'm a mummy to be strong and happy for Sean and Amelie. Our family and friends have been extraordinary, and we also received support and courage of so many people we do not know. The benefit of human kindness should not be underestimated. We had fundamental help of a therapist, and my faith keeps me strong. I believe that Madeleine is where you are, God is with her and taking care of her. When the pain becomes unbearable, we found that a strong demanding race also helps. "

Clues were left uninvestigated

"I firmly believe that there are several lines of investigation that need to be explored further so that, at worst, be eliminated. There are key individuals needed for the investigation that is essential to be identify”.

Pedro Silva
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