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Correio da Manhã Portuguese newspaper

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Correio da Manhã Portuguese newspaper

Post by Pedro Silva on Fri Mar 02, 2012 3:51 am

My friends, this was taken from Correio da Manhã:


"Meals" are served with hot sauce or mustard

British eat four thousand dishwashing sponges

Kerry Trebilcock, a young British woman of 21 years, said to be obsessed with eating sponges dishwasher. In all, the girl claims to have eaten about four thousand sponges, according to a report in 'The Sun'.

The girl, who has also chewed over 100 bars of soap, suffers from a type of eating disorder in which the person has a compulsive appetite for non-edible objects. Experts say this behavior affects mainly children and pregnant women.

No qualms about revealing their unusual eating habits, Kerry also said he likes to spice up their 'meals' with hot sauce or mustard. Sometimes the young also wet sponges in tea or hot chocolate, like crackers.

Commander of the boat gives press conference

Passengers 'Costa Allegra' were ready to abandon ship

Passengers on the 'Costa Allegra' were prepared to abandon the steamer at the time of the fire on board, said Thursday that the ship's captain, Niccolo Alba.

"The passengers were equipped for evacuation of the ship, and put the life jackets and were taken for the rescue boats," Alba said during a press conference a few hours after the arrival of the vessel to Port Victoria on Mahé, the main island of the Seychelles.

"This emergency situation lasted three hours, until we are sure that the fire was completely extinguished," said the captain.

The fire broke out on Monday at 13.40 local (0h: 40 in Lisbon) in the engine room, not knowing why until now, and "was extinguished in less than an hour," said Alba.
Things are complicated because the back-up generator, which is located in a different place of the ship, also crashed, he said.

"Unfortunately it was out of service about three or four hours after the fire, still do not know why," said Niccolo Alba.

Noting that "the second emergency, was the state of (a thousand) people on board the ship," the captain said that on Monday and Tuesday tried to organize themselves and "find a solution to the main problem were the bathrooms. "

"Passengers were always calm," the captain welcomed Alba.

The 'Costa Allegra' was towed from Tuesday for a French tuna to Port Victoria where he arrived on Thursday morning. The two vessels were escorted by the Seychelles coast guard to prevent any attack by Somali pirates.
This dawn at the Porto

49 Mega-operation was conducted.

A mega-operation of the PSP, GNR, SEF and ASAE today at dawn in Porto has 49 detainees. The operation was done under supervision of transit, freight and illegal residence in the country.

Between 2:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. the main accesses were closed to Porto (A1, A3, A4, A20, A28 and A44).

In addition to the 49 held were identified conductors 2290, under the control of traffic, of which 1347 were subjected to test of alcohol. In the inspection of freight drivers were identified 241. As the illegal residence in Portugal 124 people were identified, of which four were reported to a voluntary relinquishment of the country in twenty days, while two will have to perform at the SEF.

The mega-operation was conducted with the participation of about 500 elements.

Report showed this Thursday

APAV: More than 500 complaints of sexual crimes in 2011

The Portuguese Association for Victim Support (APAV) recorded last year more than 500 sex crimes, which included cases of child abuse, stories of harassment and rape.

According to the report released on Thursday, APAV received 526 complaints of sexual offenses, 281 were considered domestic violence and the remaining 245 classified as crimes against persons.

The association received 202 complaints of rape and 108 cases of sexual abuse of children under 14 years.

According to the president of APAV, Joana Marques Vidal, there are still many victims do not report to the police. "The number of reports made to police officers is much higher, but there is still a large group of people who do not go to the police and they come here," stressed the President, considering that the "reluctance" to resort to police force is related in part believe "bit in the intervention of the police and courts."

There are also cases in which victims "want support but do not want the perpetrator to be punished," especially when there are emotional relationships prior to the crime, the expert pointed out, defending the need to study these cases in detail to understand the reasons why victims to give up criminal cases.

Last year, the association received about 18,000 crimes and supported more than eight thousand victims and given support to 11,784 cases. The numbers point to an increased activity of the association in relation to 2010: crimes increased 8.8%, support processes grew 5.7% and the direct victims shot, from 6932 to 8693.

Burglar was usual frequenter of the establishment
Thief leaves trail of notes up to the doorstep

Christopher Gibson was the protagonist of an unusual storm. Assaulted a store where she shopped frequently and left a trail of notes from the property to the door of his house.

The police identified the assailant following the trail left by this note from the store in Bournemouth (UK) and the house where he lives, 300 meters from the site of the assault.
During the assault Gibson was involved in a fight with some store employees and the mask which covered his face fell so it was immediately recognized by the owner of the establishment, Kenan Yildrim.

The man, a father of three, pulled a knife and demanded Yildrim all the money box. The store owner tried to stop the assault but Gibson pulled the cash drawer and fled with the money.
When police arrived at the house of the thief that admitted immediately to the crime.

Apparently, Gibson is addicted to cocaine and robbed the store because he needed money to buy drugs.

The British burglar was sentenced to two years in prison for theft.

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