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Found This On The JKH Forum

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Found This On The JKH Forum

Post by Rosie on Thu Dec 31, 2009 6:42 am

Text messsages D Butler to T Bennett 19 to 27 September 2009 in full

Tony Bennett Today at 5:28 pm

For anyone still pursuing the question of why we went to Kirwans in Liverpool I reproduce below 18 text messages from Debbie Butler to me between 19 and 27 September.

All are exactly as sent including spelling and punctuation etc.

For this entire time I was on holiday.

Things that were going on during this period:

18 September - I posted details of the Carter-Ruck letters on the internet which was the first time anyone knew we had received them

On 19 September Debbie said she received a telephone offer of help from an ex-detective on the Algarve. On questioning Debbie, some parts of his story did not stand up

Kirwans were badgering her and me for various details

The Madeleine Foundation website went down during this period apparently because Steve Marsden’s hosters received a letter from Carter-Ruck regarding a breach of copyright. I was told by Debbie that Kirwans offered some help to Marsden during this period and helped him to get the website back up.

Joana Morais received a D-Notice letter re the mark Hollingsworth article during this period.

Against that background, here are the 18 text messages. There were also many
’phone calls from Debbie during this period and obviously also texts back from me to her

19 Sep 11.36pm

Ex police in luz just rang - u wont believe it!

20 Sep 7 minutes past midnight

Yes but its rubbish donal mcintre – the ex det in luz wants us 2 go there he wil show docs re govt and pj and lots !

20 Sep 8.09am

He wil get people together that wil talk - chaplins mark warner - a solicitor and more but we must giv him couple of weeks notice - jt was in amsterdam with gm b4 hols - when collected kids from crèche - stank of alcohol

20 Sep 8.13am

There are a few ex det - brits there that wil work 4 nothing 2 help us

20 Sep 8.17am

He is 55 - worked in kent - sounds scotish ! Got Portugal number - he was on fone ages - helpful and glad about us

20 Sep 8.43am

Lol! Yes we could ask him - this man - george mentioned police friends here that think same ! Like the sound of document from govt telling pj to treat as abduction - he said ther were no checks at nite and will get staf 2 talk - luz had enuf of them !

23 Sep 8.35pm

First he knew about it was when moderating and couldnt 3 sept was phone message to cr

24 Sep 8.18am

Amaral here 2 accuse mccann

24 Sep 1.36pm

Solicitor has advised we do not spk to media or write letters or leaflet

24 Sep 2.39pm

He is in process of getting top london silk – hes also sorting out website as they want us shut

24 Sep 6.44pm

It is cruck letter re copywright Kirwan doing letter and wil b bak soon It is redirected to mm until then – heather unable to do that until she finds out about server

24 Sep 6.52pm

Kirwan urgently wants list of all people sites etc that have been or are threatened to be sued by mcann - amaral went to Spanish border to spk - Not here

24 Sep 6.56pm

No server wil do it with letter i can spk now for 2 mins then out

24 Sep 8.07pm

He is trying to get m mansfield !

25 Sep 8.59am

Kirwan urgently needs mccann hitlist for litigation and against each name the amount claimed - can u help me pls as he sent this 1030 last nite and agaim 8am

25 Sep 12.59pm

D notice on jm re hollingsworth article - she has left it up but blotted name - cr working 4 their money !

26 Sep 8.58am

Thanks I had missed murat girlfriend - we have 2 be grateful to mm forum 4 redirection – she had complaints – they r trying everything to close all and sundry - Hollingsworth article – d notice j morais - mm funny shes keeping it up - she has been v good – petermac rang – site may b back 2day - lawyer getting round copywright and other probs - hes looking at wed 4 press release so cant talk abt anything - hope they will get shock

27 Sep 6.33pm

Site backup - solicitor need things by 2nite 4 media meeting am pls pls can I have 2 mins questions ?

no way
Goncalo Amaral Your Time Is Nearly Up!


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Re: Found This On The JKH Forum

Post by Guest on Thu Jan 07, 2010 2:54 am


One of the most significant libel cases ever to take place in Europe is scheduled to start on Tuesday 12 January.

The libel action is being brought by Dr. Gerald McCann and Dr Kate McCann.

is being brought against Dr Goncalo Amaral, the senior detective who
was in charge of the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine
McCann until he was removed from the enquiry on 3 October 2009. Shortly
before then, he had claimed off the record to a journalist that there
was interference with his investigation by the British government.

offence, in the eyes of the McCanns, was to publish a book: ‘The Truth
About A Lie’, about his investigation. Controversially, but very much
in line with a dossier compiled on 10 September 2007 by senior
detective Tavares de Almeida, he concluded that the evidence in the
case pointed to Madeleine McCann having died in her parents’ holiday
apartment in Praia da Luz. The McCanns are also suing Dr Amaral’s
publishers, Guerra e Paz.

The Madeleine Foundation will be represented at the opening of the trial

of our members has booked a plane ticket and will be at the opening of
this important civil trial, which will undoubtedly affect freedom of
speech in Europe whatever the outcome.

The McCanns have
referred to much of Dr Amaral’s book as ’lies’. When they attended the
court on 11 December, when the trial was scheduled to start, they told
the press: ‘Freedom of speech does not meet freedom to distort’. The
case was adjourned because Goncalo Amaral’s lawyer was stricken with
swine ’flu at the time.

By contrast Dr Amaral will argue that
the material in his book is factual information from the investigation,
backed up by the thousands of pages of documents that have been
released to the public already by the Portuguese Police. He will
further contend that his conclusions about the likely fate of Madeleine
McCann are reasonable conclusions that he was entitled to reach, based
on the available evidence.

Each side will bring 7 key
witnesses to the Court. At present, a temporary injunction forbids
Amaral’s book to be sold in Portugal and the profits from the sale of
the book have been sequestrated.

The Madeleine Foundation’s
64-page booklet on the case: ‘What Really Happened to Madeleine McCann?
- 60 Reasons which suggest she was not abducted’ is now banned from
sale and further distribution following a High Court undertaking given
by our Secretary and the book’s author, Tony Bennett. Similarly, we are
no longer allowed to distribute our 4-page free leaflet: ’10 Key
Reasons which suggest that Madeleine was not abducted’. These
publications were based substantially on the information about the
investigation in Dr Amaral’s book.

The outcome of the trial is
therefore of great significance for us, given that one of our key aims
as an organisation is to help find out the truth about what really
happened to Madeleine McCann.

As soon as our member returns from Portugal, we aim to publish her report on our website.

Do you want to know more about Goncalo Amaral’s fight to be allowed to sell and promote his book?

You can…

· Visit his website:


· Or sign the petition in his support:


· Or donate to his fighting fund:


From the Chairman of The Madeleine Foundation, 3 January 2010


Will this be seen as continued harassment?


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Re: Found This On The JKH Forum

Post by Guest on Thu Jan 07, 2010 3:09 am



27-28 FEBRUARY 2010

Madeleine Foundation will be holding its second conference near
Nottingham East Midlands Airport on the weekend of Saturday 27 and
Sunday 28 February 2010.

You are invited to apply to attend the Conference.

Conference will begin at 2.00pm on the Saturday with speakers and
discussion until around 5pm. Doors will be open from 12noon.

Further discussions will take place from 10am to 1pm on the Sunday.

Annual General Meeting of The Madeleine Foundation (which is for
paid-up subscribers only) will take place from 1.00pm to 4.00pm, with
reports from officers, discussion, and election of a Committee for the
year ahead.


Q. What’s the purpose of the Conference?

Like our first Conference last August, and our two successful regional
meetings since then, our aim is to bring together those who have
questions about the claim that Madeleine McCann was abducted and who
wish to exchange information and share and discuss their opinions on
the case.

Q. Who is welcome to attend?

Anyone who shares our aims as set out in our Constitution or who like
us entertains doubts about the official version of how Madeleine McCann
went missing.

Q. Where will the Conference be held?

At a venue within 10 miles of Nottingham East Midlands Airport. We
cannot give out the venue publicly as we need to take sensible
precautions against those who might wish to disrupt our Conference. All
those whose applications to attend are successful will be e-mailed or
telephoned a few days before the event with details of the venue.

Q. Will Goncalo Amaral be attending the Conference?

A formal invitation has been sent to Goncalo Amaral. It seems as though
his reply will be very much influenced by the outcome of his defence of
his book: ‘The Truth About A Lie’ in the forthcoming libel trial in
Lisbon. We forward to hearing from him when his trial is over.

Q. Is there a fee to attend?

A. No. Though donations towards our costs will be welcome.

Q. Will food be provided or available?

A. We plan to have a buffet lunch available for those arriving before 2.00pm and drinks and biscuits etc. in the afternoon.

Q. How do I book?

A. Please send an e-mail to Tony Bennett, our Secretary, at ajsbennett@btinternet.com
or ’phone him at any reasonable time on 01279 635789 Mobile 07835 716537.

booking, please tell us in what way, if any, you feel you could
contribute to the conference e.g. speaking on a topic, or helping in
some way e.g. with food and drinks.

[Article written 4 January 2009]

As someone has already pointed out on JKH forum there is no such airport as Nottingham East Midlands, it looks more than likely that bennett is intending to hold his conference not far from the McCanns home.


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Re: Found This On The JKH Forum

Post by Sabot on Thu Jan 07, 2010 3:13 am

I don't know if it is harassment or not, Mulleena. But that post by Bennett is bo**ox. Too many discrepancies to mention.

Just watch the Translation.

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Re: Found This On The JKH Forum

Post by vee8 on Thu Jan 07, 2010 5:04 am

From the Chairman of The Madeleine Foundation, 3 January 2010

WHICH foundation? I think there is now at least two? And yes, this does all most definatly constitute continued harrasment.
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Re: Found This On The JKH Forum

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