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Blame the victim.

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Blame the victim.

Post by vee8 on Sun Aug 23, 2009 2:55 am

This article is on the VirginMedia news page at the moment.


22 August 2009 12:59pm

A girl of five who is battling cancer is recovering after two boys sprayed an aerosol in her face and tried to set her alight.
Scarlett Hellewell had to be rescued by neighbours when the boys pinned her down and sprayed the deodorant in her face in Halifax, West Yorks.
She escaped with just bruises after the deodorant failed to ignite.
A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police said: "It is reported the girl was playing when she was approached by two young boys who kicked and punched her before spraying an aerosol in her face and attempting to set her alight. The match did not ignite."
The two young boys, believed to be only 10 and seven, ran off when someone came to Scarlett's help on Tuesday evening. Officers are appealing for witnesses.
Scarlett's mother Paula, 38, a home support worker, said she was hoping to move away from the estate where they live.
She told the Yorkshire Post: "The sooner we move from here the better. I was disgusted when I heard what these boys had done, though this is not the first time they have attacked her.
"Scarlett's brain tumour is getting bigger and this was the last thing we needed to happen."
Neighbour Adele Brearley, 30, told the Yorkshire Post: "Scarlett was really upset and her eyes were sore where they had sprayed deodorant. If they had managed to light the matches it would have been a lot worse."
Scarlett is suffering from a tumour which has left her blind in one eye and with marginal sight in the other.

Now that in itself is horrific enough, I mean what is society coming to, when kids go around doing things like that? But now look at one of the comments.
wiseowl from swindon says:
Aug 22, 13:17

all i can say is is this what the people and the administration in this country have come to?
and yes sadly i have to include the mother.........."a home support worker" amongst them!
everyone at fault and again a child suffers....it disgusts me!

Fortunately most other comments put this 'Wiseowl' in her place, but what a thing to say.
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Re: Blame the victim.

Post by clairesy on Wed Sep 02, 2009 8:01 pm

omg vee8 i have only just seen this thread.

Thats awful i would have been frantic ..........those boys (not matter how old they were) would have been walking around with my fist print imprinted on their faces if they had done that to my daughter.How disgusting. That poor little girl,and thank god that they didn't manage to light that match.

I know this sounds sick,im not condoning child cruelty or anything of its
sort...but imo those boys are the type that will grow up
to do this sort of thing on a bigger scale....that 7 year old little
boy might very well have been led on by the ten year old but imo both
of them needs to be admitted to some sort of home where they should be
kept separately and their mental state investigated and sorted.If they
cannot be sorted they should not be let out to roam around our streets
playing with our children.simple as.

Im sorry but some times people
just aint fit to be around other folk......and to do such a horrible and
sickening twisted thing to another human being means they obviously have something wrong with their brains somewhere.

I know a boy who as done some cruel cruel things.....his mother blames
other children,always saying he is easily led and is a good boy on his
own.Yet not so long ago a police van was frantically looking for this 11
year boy because he was carrying a knife with him........he was
previously expelled from school for smashing a young lads head through
a glass door.He was also caught with a gun...not a real one...but a Bibi gun which he took along to a local primary school and pointed it
at the children in my daughters class while they were playing ni the playyard!!!!!!
the teachers were terrified and called cops.....cops came and they took the boy and questioned
him etc...His mum says ''he was only bloody playing whats the matter
with people...as if he would have a real gun, the police do my head
in they are always picking on him''

i couldn't believe it.I was gobsmacked.She thinks the sun shines out of
his butt and he can do no wrong in her eyes.A couple of weeks ago my
father heard a noise out the back of our houses so went to check it
out.When he crept out the back he looked over the wall and there was
this boy with a tube of mastic sticking together the gate of of an
elderly disabled mans house so that he wouldn't be able to open it!!!

Its not right,and i wonder what vindictive thoughts a person gets before they are about to carry out such a cruel act on another person.

What goes through a a persons mind just before they do these things?Do they think.ahhhh i want to see someone in agony and i want to watch them squeal?

What for though???When they do these things they have obviously planned to do it so imo they need to be treated as one would be treated when they plan to cause harm to another person,,...they cannot be let off because it was a sudden act of silliness.You don't suddenly do something like that.Its planned,and you do it because your insane.

If those boys had sprayed a can of deodorant into my little girls eyes and then proceeded to try and set her on fire i would have not been responsible for my actions.

the poor child...i hope shes recovered from that brain tumor to bless her.

And to the person who wrote that deluded post blaming the little girls mammy......

you have probably got a kid exactly the same as them boys and cant stand to see them being put down and criticised.Sorry but its you who needs to watch your frigging kids.Not the girls mammy.The reason they have a support worker is probably because the poor child as got a brain tumour...Anyone who as a loved one who is suffering with cancer gets offered a great deal of support to help them live with it.

It isnt anyone elses fault when your crazy children who cannot be controlled go out and cause havoc on our streets.Its your bl@@dy dam well fault so get a grip on your kids, and if you cant??Get some frigging help in order to so.Dont blame the parents of other children for your own bl@@dy failings.
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Re: Blame the victim.

Post by Peaceful1 on Thu Sep 03, 2009 3:32 pm

We should never forget the killers of Jamie Bulger from Liverpool.
They were only 'boys' ..but I cant even repeat or think about what they did to that small child. Even now, years later, it brings a lump to my throat.
That poor child suffered horrendous torture.
Last I heard those murderers were being given new lives and Id's abroad?? FFS!!
We had to pay thousands to have the right to emigrate.
Child killers get it for free??
What a sick world we live in.
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Re: Blame the victim.

Post by Pedro Silva on Thu Sep 03, 2009 7:51 pm

Let us not forget Mariluz CortÚs, Baby P, and others, regardless the country they belonged.

Pedro Silva
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Re: Blame the victim.

Post by Rosie on Thu Sep 03, 2009 10:11 pm

Peaceful, Jamie Bulger was the first thing that sprang to my mind on reading this, how dreadful.

And what has these boys *unbalanced* behaviour got to do with the mother and her being a support worker? I am at a loss as to what this woman meant when she felt the need to attack the child and her mother, for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

This is just the type of thing that hate forums like the 3 arguidos, Missing Madeleine and hate blogs like justice for Maddie and the twins encourage. Youngsters of impressionable age, read what their parents leave up on their screens in their homes and probably think if their parents are attacking people and threatening to attack people, then it is OK for them to do it too. This is why I am coming down so hard on these people, like TB.
Just spread your vile hate leaflets far and wide Bennett and Butler, because this is the type of thing you are encouraging!

I only hope to God that none of the children in Rothley manage to get their hands on that leaflet and read it, because God alone knows what this may produce!

As for the woman that wrote, moron, utter hard faced moron, if you have nothing sensible to say, then say nothing!

That poor mum has her daughter desperately ill and is probably trying to allow her daughter some freedom to play and be herself, be a child and play out like all of us enjoyed and this happened and if it is not bad enough she gets castigated by a moron like that?
I pray that her little girl makes a full and complete recovery and I hope they get moved soon to a nice place, they deserve it.

no way
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Re: Blame the victim.

Post by AlexG on Fri Sep 04, 2009 12:07 pm


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Re: Blame the victim.

Post by AlexG on Fri Sep 04, 2009 12:20 pm


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Re: Blame the victim.

Post by calcite51 on Fri Sep 04, 2009 1:55 pm

James Bulger is a case that broke the world's heart as we heard of the suffering this poor child went through at the hands of two disturbed teenagers. I have never forgotten Mrs. Bulger's face etched in pain at the funeral of her little tyke.

If I met Thompson and Venables, I could easily see me exacting revenge by putting my hands on them and choking them(and I'm not by nature a revengeful person) - but these two murderous men as well as Marc Dutroux are in a category of their own and even I could see revenge being exacting.
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Re: Blame the victim.

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