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Portuguese TV program

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Portuguese TV program

Post by Pedro Silva on Sun Mar 06, 2011 8:42 pm

My friends, I think this is important, here it is the translation, with link:

interview: at Portuguese TV program “Gente que Conta”
Marinho e Pinto will require examination access to the Order.

Chairman of the Lawyer´s Association re-elected last November, Marinho Pinto warns that the entrance examination to the order, despite having been deemed unconstitutional, should pass the legality with the approval of the new statute to deliver in Parliament.
In an interview with João Marcelino, “Gente que Conta” TV program, Marinho Pinto criticized the Higher Council of the Lawyer´s Association, which initiated against him, disciplinary proceedings at last year mandate.

Stressing that the Portuguese justice still operates within a paradigm of other times, the president of Laywer´s Association reveals that he don´t regretts having taken place in Freeport case and reflects on the processes of justice Portuguese media, saying that cases of disappearance as the Madeleine McCann or Joana, the "tradition" is to accuse the parents. About the Casa Pia he case says that the punishment of 18 years applied to Carlos Silva discourages collaboration with justice.

Inside the video above, at: 2:38, he says: “there are many other cases, including disappearances, that don´t have this kind of media exposure, but, worst then that, is to do what they did with the two other media exposure cases: Madeleine McCann and Joana, here (he talks now about Rui Pedro case) they didn´t accused the parents of murdering Rui Pedro, but for “tradition” almost that was expected, and it is very serious that, when in crimes with highly media exposure, in which, previously is doing at the public opinion judgement / trial, it is very difficult, now I consider, for example, Carlos Silvino, he was sentenced at 18 years of prison, he cooperated with justice in a visible way, at a certain time he looked as if he more concerned in helping, he showed regretts, he apologized his victims, he cooperated, helped police, the public ministry, and then 18 years, this discourages for future cooperations of regretted people, associations, there has to be a prize for people who cooperates with justice, because cooperation and then received 18 years, this is the same as saying: “it only cooperates with justice, those who are stupid”.


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