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Burial On The Beach ~ Goncalo Amaral

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Burial On The Beach ~ Goncalo Amaral

Post by honestbroker on Thu Dec 25, 2008 8:09 pm

Just a quick one as I'm a little busy (something to do with the time of year, I think!)

Burial on the beach as St Goncalo has it! These files Modnrodder unearthed are a goldmine and should be compulsory reading to anyone with interest in this case.

Here is the professional opinon of Mark Harrison on the viability of burying Madeleine on the beach (sic)

Sub Surface Burial on P D Luz Beach

For Body Disposal Purposes The Beach Can Be Separated And
Discussed Into 6 Areas.

Figure 2.The boulders in the rock falls are too large
to man handle. Vegetative growth suggests rock
falls have been in situ for some time. The low energy
wave action would not move any of the boulders. It
is possible a small child could be secreted amongst
the rocks in natural voids.

Figure 3.The cliíf edge at the base of the beach is at
an angle that inhibits soil removal. The shale re fills
any hole dug and is unsuitable to achieve a burial.

Figure4.At the base of the cliff are wave cuts where
the bedrock has been eroded by wave action. Here
sand can be easily dug but after a few centimetres
the digger reaches the bed rock, preventing a
successful burial.

Figure 5.The beach cusps or berms are mounds of
sand made by wind action. These cusps form at the
limit of the tides reach and would only be recovered
in storm conditions. Digging on the cusps is easy but to achieve as
more than a few centimetres depth is very difficult to
the fine sand granules refill the hole

Figure 6.The dark sand in this image shows the
intertidal area. Here digging and burial could
possibly be achieved although it would be through a
mixture of grave1 and water. However any burial
would be quickly exposed by wave action and
ultimately taken into the sea.

Erm, essentially, he rules it out, but obviously, our man Goncalo knows better.

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Re: Burial On The Beach ~ Goncalo Amaral

Post by Pedro Silva on Fri Dec 26, 2008 12:08 am

This opinion gives more strenght to the couple McCann and their personal believes, which are the same we, supporters believes and defends very strongly and very passionately.

Pedro Silva
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Re: Burial On The Beach ~ Goncalo Amaral

Post by Wanderer on Fri Dec 26, 2008 12:55 am

The idea of the McCanns burying Madeleine on the beach and then going to retrieve the body later is beyond ridiculous. Time and practicalities would have put off even the dimmest cop from pursuing this theory but then we are talking about Goncalo, aren't we. What I can't believe is that all the dimwits over at 3A actually think that everything Goncalo says is gospel!!!

but then again they allso believe that Goncalo posts on there Laffin


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Re: Burial On The Beach ~ Goncalo Amaral

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