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Casa Pia update

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Casa Pia update

Post by Pedro Silva on Fri Jan 18, 2013 9:50 pm

My friends, this was taken from Correio da Manhã newspaper:



special surveillance for 'Bibi'

Carlos Silvino is with special vigilance in prison Carregueira.

'Bibi' is with inmates with sentences for sex crimes.

My friends, this was taken from O Público newspaper:


Carlos Silvino held by PJ for serving a sentence in the Casa Pia

Former Casa Pia driver will meet the rest of the sentence of 15 years who was convicted of pedophilia in the process.

Former Casa Pia driver Carlos Silvino was arrested on Wednesday by the Judicial Police (PJ) to fulfill the remainder of his sentence of 15 years in prison that was condemned in the Casa Pia.

The arrest was made this morning in Lisbon and Silvino is now in prison attached to the headquarters of the Judicial Police, where probably still be transferred to another prison, knew PUBLIC next source of PJ. Carlos Silvino, also known as "Bibi" and the main accused in the case of pedophilia, has already served three years in prison as part of this process.

The former Casa Pia driver was sentenced to 18 years in prison in September 2010, the trial of first instance. The Court of Appeal of Lisbon came after reducing his sentence to 15 years, a decision which was upheld by the Supreme Court. Silvino also appealed to the Constitutional Court, which upheld the sentence imposed in a decision known last December.

Now that Silvino is already detained, after the exhaustion of judicial remedies which he brought, his lawyer, Peter Pereira Dias, may bring an extraordinary appeal on the basis of new facts - diligence that the law did not allow to "Bibi" in freedom.

These facts relate to the statements of former casapianos that recently came to belie all the charges they had made in court about being victims of pedophilia from the old driver, Carlos Cruz and the other convicted in the first trial of the case.

Part of these statements were made in the repetition of part of the trial concerning the facts of Elvas, a process that is still ongoing and that could worsen the pain of Bibi to a maximum of 20 years. The sentence of former driver will be deducted the three years already served in custody.

In 2010, the district court sentenced Carlos Silvino, who has been living in Moscavide by 128 crimes of sexual abuse of minor dependents, sexual abuse of person hospitalized, rape and child pornography. Former driver was also sentenced to pay compensation for moral damages, 20 victims in 15 thousand euros each, having been acquitted of 545 other crimes that would accused.

Besides Silvino and former television presenter Carlos Cruz, in the Casa Pia judges found the defendants guilty of pedophilia Manuel Abrantes, a former ambassador Jorge Ritto, Hugo Marcal and doctor Ferreira Diniz.

In the statements it has provided in the second trial of the case, taking place on the campus of Justice Lisbon and sentencing scheduled for February 22, "Bibi" has revealed that usually rely on charities for food and you need to take large doses drugs.

"I have never abused any child," said Carlos Silvino in the audience, thus contradicting the confessions he made in the past. He added: "I always had my girlfriends."



Prosecutor accuses Carlos Silvino of have "complex of homosexuality"

Former Casa Pia driver will soon begin serving 15 years in prison that was condemned.

About to be arrested in the coming days to meet the 15 years of the jail who was convicted in the Casa Pia, a former driver Carlos Silvino was on Thursday charged in court by attorney John Aibéo have "complex of homosexuality."

At issue is the fact that during the re-trial on the sexual abuse allegedly occurred in a house in Elvas, taking place on Thursday, "Bibi" has denied that it ever abused children, contrary to previous confession. Also alluded to having had girlfriends.

"Carlos Silvino has complex homosexuality because abused children of the same sex. Need to shoot a scene for his alleged heterosexuality, "said the prosecutor, arguing that the former driver be re-sentenced, which could increase the jail time for up to 20 years.



Reading of sentence in the judgment of crimes of Elvas scheduled for February 22

This Thursday were presented the final arguments of the case.

A reading of the judgment of the trial of the alleged sexual abuse committed against former students of Casa Pia home in Elvas, was scheduled for this Thursday the 22nd of February.

The date was communicated by Judge Ana Peres after closing arguments in the case.

The crimes of Elvas are to be judged again, after the Court of Appeal of Lisbon have decreed the nullity of the judgment, in part related to abuses in Alentejo.

By declaring the nullity of the judgment, the relationship ultimately benefited the defendants who were allegedly involved: the lawyer Hugo Marcal, Carlos Cruz and Carlos Silvino. Also included Gertrudes Nunes, who had been acquitted at first instance.

The trial court had sentenced Carlos Silvino to 18 years in prison and even Carlos Ferreira Diniz and Cruz (7 years), Jorge Ritto (6 years and 8 months), Hugo Marcal (6 years and 2 months), Manuel Abrantes (5 years and 9 months) and acquitted Gertrudes Nunes. The defendants convicted were still obliged to pay compensation to victims.

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