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Post by Pedro Silva on Tue Feb 14, 2012 7:39 am

My friends, this ws taken from JATYK:



The marriage of ten years yielded to the pressure of the Maddie case. No goods or money, the former inspector returned to his parents' home at age 53. THE NEW PEOPLE spoke of divorce, writing, and the daughters of the dispute with the McCann ...

Published: Sunday, February 12, 2012 at 17h44m

After a few years decided to secede from Sofia. It was a result of the problems that still has with the parents of Maddie in particular the fact that no assets have been without a way of living?

It is too early to make that kind of accounting. Marriages end for several reasons, which usually must be in the personal jurisdiction of the former marriage. But it was a balanced decision between me and my daughter's mother Agnes. I remember that Sophie has always supported and at all times during this process.

Although separate it continues to support it? In what way? Goncalo also supports? In fact it was and is so, but right now I want to preserve your and my space. I like knowing that it remains willing to support me, but I feel better to go alone to the final fight. As someone once said, when we were kids did not call the family to defend ourselves. It is time to be alone, making sure that is the best way to defend the interests of my daughter and her mother.

There will be filing for divorce?

Divorce is by mutual agreement, and I hope that is declared as soon as possible, Sofia to go your way and I mine. We do not store any kind of rancor and only concerns us the future of our daughters. I often say that if the mother of my children are well, they will do well, and that's what I worry.

has visited frequently their daughters? How do you manage that space? Usually go to the Algarve see them or they see Lisbon?

Where can I go to the Algarve or they come to Lisbon. I still consider as my daughter Rita, although not legally be, I worry about her and her future, was a decade that saw me grow, which can not be shut down as a clear button. The internet and the phone also help shorten the distance of my daughters.

has been increasingly close to his eldest daughter, and another marriage. She followed him the past?

My oldest daughter, now 27, has become my confidant. I still worry about their future, despite having reached their academic goals (degree, Master of Criminal Law and Lawyer unemployed), I usually say that it is part of this "generation of junk." Her mother and I could do for her what many parents have done and wish they had done for the children, give them conditions to succeed, only that it seems latest. My wish is that she is happy.

not you miss your family life?

I think the nostalgia of family life is not beneficial. Of course, I have good memories of family life, I'm divorcing myself from my ex-wife and not my daughters, which for me remains the primary reason for my existence.

are enjoying the new life of 'single' ? It is easier to be married or single?

It's different, you can not make comparisons.

How do solve things? It was hard, long, complicated?

It was not easy, but it was not difficult. There was a weights and a joint assessment of our relationship, having been reached, calmly and quietly to the conclusion that he was exhausted and had to change his life, nothing more.

Have you ever thought that because of an investigation, as Maddie, her life would be all upside down?

I never thought, but this is only possible against the servility with which our country find themselves in relations with the United Kingdom, our politicians and intellectuals have forgotten the values ​​of justice and truth. If it is normal for politicians to opt for reasons of state rather than values ​​that shape democracy, respect for intellectuals such does not seem acceptable or understandable. On the other hand, the families feel helpless not knowing what they can do in pursuit of their loved one, and what to expect of police and judicial authorities.

The fact that now 53, has returned to the groves, the house of his father , is a return to origins, to the beginning of your life?

It is a fact. My mother had already died, my siblings no longer live here, and now it's just me and my father to relearn how to live together. It has been interesting in all aspects, but mainly that he would see me and my friends like those young people of other times portrayed in the dedication "boys in my neighborhood."

How is running her life?

The my life is a phase of profound change. It runs well in the aspect of feeling supported by family and childhood friends, here in the neighborhood I'm just another, almost anonymously circle among friends and acquaintances. The economic and financial begin to take steps to balance. To this end, define a strategy with my new lawyer, which is to react to the action of the McCanns and resolve in a comprehensive all other situations.

"Lives without defense" is a handbook for parents of missing children or a cry revolt? What led you to write this third book?

"Lives without defense" is a handbook for parents of missing children long term, for technicians working in the area of support to these families and a cry of revolt in the absence, in our country , structures capable of studying the phenomenon and give the answer which applies during any disappearance of a child. The rapid and effective response is slow to occur, there is a single police structure, lacking planning and training.

In all cases brought in this book which touched him most? And Rui Pedro?

All moved me, it is difficult to choose one among many cases, all born of despair and anguish. The case is especially Rui Pedro, serving as an example on the inertia and inefficiency of the police as a result of lack of planning and specific training of researchers in charge of the case initially, but also the struggle and tenacity of a family, particularly the child's mother , who did everything to make this disappearance does not fall into oblivion or end in dust from court files. The introduction of the book is a return to his childhood neighborhood, as ever ...

What led you to write this memory?

is important because a memory I took the time that children of this country seemed to be able to play, like flocks of sparrows in the wild, and grow away from the dangers of now, no internet or mobile phones, but like everybody says, we were happy. Grow in a healthy, happy and almost everyone can realize our dreams. -The dedication to "the boys in my neighborhood," was written after my return to the neighborhood where I grew up and where I met again many of my friends and companions of childhood. Among them, and still live in the same building, found the father of Margaret, this is a 19-year-old as we fight now the realization of their dreams, and between such dreams is to study theater, if possible in England, but against the current time of crisis, does not seem to be easy. As I always say is good to dream and believe in realizing our dreams. The Daisy decided to be baptized by the Catholic religion, what will happen in the coming months, while preparing the local church to fulfill his desire, having already chosen the best man, the choice fell on me fills me with pride, not only the affection I have for her, or the friendship of decades to his parents, but mostly to see in it a young man who wants to grow in faith, approaching the church, knowing Jesus Christ, not letting you live your youth, like all young she knows how to distinguish between the temporal and spiritual. It was among the parents of Margaret and her youth who rediscovered lost friendships over the years from a life of wandering by virtue of my profession of researcher crriminal.

Writing has been a constant since he retired as an inspector of the PJ. It's a passion?

I will reveal a secret. In my teens I started "scribbling" an account of the life of my family, from a village in the Beira Alta which in the early years of the 60th century migrated to Lisbon in search of a better life, having gone bad moments, but many good, remembering well what was to be a member of a large family and poor, but when we were all assembled were moments of eternal happiness. I never finished the story of life hoping one day to do it, everything has its time and arrive at the right time to do so. For now it is time to end the "Madeleine" and write what I think remains to be done to ascertain the truth, the course of investigation that are missing do to know what really happened to that child. The investigation of this case can be considered an investigation which needs to be finished and unfinished. As I write about the "Madeleine", by which I am not obsessed, fighting only for the realization of justice and truth, values ​​that shape my life and so-called democratic societies, I also write about other world police, the drug trafficking .

There is already an idea for the next book?

I have a book unfinished, cited with title: "Trafficking and passions," which reported the criminal investigation of the crime of drug trafficking over the past three decades, criminal organizations, traffickers as people (subject to desires and passions), and not as mere criminals, the methods used by traffickers and the response given by the Judicial Police.

The civil suit for libel the McCanns put him - and that was about to be tried but was postponed - and where they complain about one million and 200 thousand euros, sees it as a coup de grace that you have applied? It has a good chance of winning?

not a coup de grace, is a serious attempt to annihilate me as a person and citizen, but the McCanns have no facts to substantiate his claim and perhaps not entitled to do. I've always trusted in the justice I am sure and confident of winning this civil case.

Marinho Pinto offered to testify in favor of the McCanns against him. What has to say about this? And that this case is defamation?

Dr. Marinho Pinto is a free citizen and is entitled to be witness to anyone, for that matter I have no further comment. There is no question a libel suit. Moreover, under the injunction filed by the McCanns superior courts have decided that it violated no private right of these gentlemen, let alone difamei.

They were able to freeze her assets, the fees of 'Maddie, The Truth Lies' at last , left him without reservation and without employment; affected your life and your family. Can you understand why the couple want to see it completely destroyed? Some hatred against you? What feeling is that all this arouses in you?

- The couple did not forgive the fact that in my book "Maddie:" The truth of the lie, "she wrote the facts and findings of existing research by September 2007. They had difficulty in managing the truth. Initially the book devalued. Two years later remembered that the book existed, coincidentally, had been appointed to be a candidate for Mayor of Olhão, a particular political party, and the book was about to be translated into English and eventually released in the UK. For them it was too, had to continue its campaign of credibility with regard to my person and jeopardize the livelihood of my family, what you say is nothing Catholic who is said to be. And all because the couple is afraid that the truth be known.

Goncalo won, the ratio, the injunction against the publication of the book "True Lies," where he defended the thesis that Maddie had died in the Algarve. The judges considered that the ban on publication of the book violated the Constitution. This was a good gift? What happened next? Had the books back, was compensated in some way?

The McCanns did not comply with the decisions of the Portuguese courts because they have not returned the book "Maddie: The Truth Lies", delivered to your lawyer as a trustee, although the court has have passed in julgado.Tenho doubt that books still exist, suspecting that the same may have been destroyed, why denounced the case to prosecutors.

After nearly five years of missing Maddie, believes the case will be reopened? Continues to support the rebuilding?

hardly the case will be reopened in the near future, it's all a matter of political will. But the decision of civil procedure, may play a role in creating this political will. -In the case of a reopening of the investigation, the reconstitution will always be one of the first steps to be taken, that we have no doubt.

They have feelings of revenge against you?

do not know if nurture feelings of revenge on me, it looks that way. Fall on me to shut up annoying voices.

The dispute that opposes itself will end when? It's too high a price to pay for them not to have found his daughter or to have said that they were probably the negligent?

were negligent, just read the order of filing of the prosecutor and remember the facts. I have nothing to pay the McCanns, but they are they should have been publicly acknowledge the commitment and effort of Portuguese researchers in search of his daughter, leaving behind their families and children. They are rich but still ungrateful. Where has gone to get the strength to continue life? At my daughters and I defend the values ​​between them, it is not worth remembering, justice and truth.

has feelings for revenge on those who destroyed him life, as the McCanns?

Nurse No feelings of revenge because I know that the couple is doing a "flight forward", for example if they had prematurely terminated the process where it was investigating the disappearance of Madeleine reality is another. However, there arrived the moment when the damage caused to my family and me will have to be accounted for and reimbursed that we have no doubt.

Goncalo lost all the possessions they had. How have you survived?

I have survived the reform, or rather part of it, because even the company that I created after my retirement from the Judicial Police was destroyed by the McCanns. I have plans for my life which does not depend on this couple, but as I know they want to destroy me I will not reveal here.

Who was and who is now the Gonçalo Amaral? Continues to fight for what you believe?

I am a Portuguese man like any other, with defects and virtues, always put family above all, despite having made ​​the family twice. I live for my daughters and for the happiness of those who are near me, just let me know what the other is to be happy for me too. I argue that the values ​​instilled my life, and yes, I am stubborn in defense of these values, a democracy only makes sense if there is justice and truth, if man has value beyond the state, nor can there be any reason of State which place in Because these principles.

Do you miss being inspector? Back to research? Do you miss most?

The adrenaline, the decision to limit the autonomy and initiative that each criminal investigator should have. MaCann If the couple comes to Portugal to attend the trial, I would like to address them to tell you something? These questions will always have be answered in the context of criminal proceedings where it was investigating the disappearance of Madeleine.

What I would tell them if he could tell them something?

that lack of money is bad, but the lack of judgment is much worse.

What are your expectations for the future?

is good, I hope in the coming months to resolve, with the help of my lawyer, I have all the problems and accomplish the dreams of my children and those who are near me. And its a dream ... one day I would like to create a foundation that supports the integrated growth of disadvantaged children in order to realize their dreams and give them the material conditions for survival in a society increasingly turns his back on the other.

Pedro Silva
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Post by dianeh on Tue Feb 14, 2012 1:57 pm

Thanks for posting this up Pedro but I find the long ramblings of this nut to be stomach turning.

Im sorry for Amaral and Sofia's daughter that the marriage didnt work out. I hope she is well looked after and has a happy childhood.

As Amaral, he is in some sort of dreamworld. "Create a foundation that supports the integrated growth of disadvantaged children etc etc ". This from a man who tried to make his fortune on the abduction of a little tiny girl that he failed to find, or even look for properly, who has money problems and is facing a libel trial. He needs to get real.
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Post by Pedro Silva on Tue Feb 14, 2012 8:05 pm

You welcome dianeh, about Sofia´s daughter, you´re right.

Pedro Silva
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Post by Pedro Silva on Tue Feb 14, 2012 8:07 pm

dianeh, about amaral, you´re right again.

I don´t feel pity for amaral, he was the one who caused all this due to his disgusting behaviour about the abduction in Praia da Luz, now, he have to face the consequences.

amaral gave a step larger than his leg could handle, amaral crashed and burned.

Pedro Silva
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