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Post by Catkins on Sat Mar 20, 2010 3:15 am


Especially with Bennett............

Friday, March 19, 2010

Only Just Below The Surface....Never Gone Completely.

Salazar Legacy
Having read the latest escape from Justice by Goncalo Amaral......I am really starting to believe Portuguese Justice is merely words to fill in a crossword puzzle...for instance......miscarriage of Justice 10 and 7....Portuguese Justice.
For the justice system of Portugal to allow Amaral to walk on a technicality......makes a fool of their whole Judiciary.

To have the disgraced ex policeman's dinning buddy on the bench......well what can one say?
More worrying was one of Goncalo' witnesses, who is a lawyer and ex drug courier..... lovely company he keeps don't you think?
Amazingly, this ex drug carrying lawyer was never prosecuted.....he got off by saying, he didn't know what he was taking into the prison. (And I Believe In The Tooth Fairy.) Therefor, it came as no surprise to me, when I found out he was the ex Lawyer for little Joana's mother Leonor Cipriano, the lady who had the crap beaten out of her by Amaral's henchmen.

Is this the face of Justice in Portugal?
Beat the crap out of witnesses and get a dinning buddy to sit on the bench and a lawyer to lie through his teeth so you can get off with every atrocity imaginable?......
Looks that way Portugal.... yep, it sure does look that way!

Posted by tony at 19.3.10

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I see Bennett is off on his "Wasn't Me Trip"

I see Bennett is blaming someone else for the destruction of the 'Beacon Poem'......so what's new? Let's Have A Look At What Bennett Says He Didn't Do
He didn't buy his membership to the BNP his Brother Did.....Says Mr. Bennett.

He didn't write the leaflet that will be his undoing.......the3arguidos.net did.....says Mr. Bennett.
He Wasn't In The Vicinity Of The Leaflet Drop But Visiting His Aged Mother.....says Mr. Bennett....He Later was forced to admit He Was In The Vicinity Of The Leaflet Drop....Dropping Leaflets After, A CCTV picked him up doing the deed.

He didn't write the Wikipedia article stating he was a white supremacist.....someone hacked the website and altered his biography......says Mr. Bennett.

He didn't write the Article For Sean Bryson's website.....the one with the rotating swastika, despite his name showing prominently on the forum and his admittance he wrote the article....someone else stole it and put it on the Bryson forum.....says Mr. Bennett.

Mr. Bennett says he never noticed an extra page on his website calling Mike Gunnill An Ahole.
Despite it being there for four days.

But admits it gave the hard faced cowabunga a laugh.....yet again, someone else did the script without his knowledge.

He didn't write a 500 word document that made your eyes bleed, someone else did.....says Mr. Bennett; despite the document properties showing Mr. Bennett as the writer.

Mr. Bennett says a lot of things he hasn't done but, has yet to disprove any of them.......isn't that right Mr. Bennett? And it is always someone else's fault; never Mr. Bennett's.

So....Please Do Not Tell Me Bennett Did Not Desecrate The Poem......He Did, And The Words Within Gave Him Away
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Post by Sabot on Sat Mar 20, 2010 3:45 am

How did the drugs get into that lawyer's bag. And what was supposed to happen to the drugs if he didn't know they were there?

Or perhaps he just leaves his bag lying about all over the place where anyone can get into it. Some reliable lawyer if this bag contained private papers, but then he wouldn't have had it with him if it didn't contain private papers. You don't get to take any old thing into a prison.

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Post by May on Sat Mar 20, 2010 11:27 pm

I am shocked at the decision of this judge, but it is not over yet!

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Post by Catkins on Sun Mar 21, 2010 1:09 am

More from Tony at Houndings....

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Over The Last 24 Hours I Have Read About Some Absolutely Devious Actions With A Missing Child's Name Used As A Cover Excuse For Those Actions.

Tony Bennett

We have this man trying to make money off an innocent missing child's back.....for his own pocket. He is also a graffiti artist.....he enjoys trespassing on government grounds and replacing their directional signs with his own graffiti paintings.

Goncalo Amaral
This man who has already made money off a missing child's back for his own pocket which he calls dignity

And This Man, Stephen Bernard Marsden, Aka Law Suit Johnny, Aka Brian Johnson, Doing Exactly The Same Thing As The Other Two.

Bennett and Marsden Hoping To Do So.......All On The Word Of A Disgrace Convicted Ex Portuguese Cop Called Amaral.

How do they hope to make the monies; by doing the same thing as the ex cop.

Sitting on their butts like he did.

They, have never visited the site where the child went missing, neither did Amaral. They have never spoken to all the witnesses, neither did Amaral, in fact, they have depended solely on Amaral's word of the events and poorly translated documentation. Oh, and, dream analysis too....big thing with the Portuguese Police. One actually said so in court, said it turned the whole case against the McCanns and proved them guilty. That statement put me off Portugal for life. Well, actually, more trash that occurred in the case helped in my decision....but the dream thing, kinda capped it.

Now Mr. Marsden, he is a great believer in talking dogs. Says they don't lie. Omits the fact they cannot make their minds up neither How many times did that dog get called back to the vehicle in question....five wasn't it?
You know, I wish I shared Marsden's belief in the dogs talking ability because, I would ask the Springer, who died half-way up the ruddy wall in the underground car park where the search took place.
I would also ask it, how it enjoyed its job as a guide dog. Well, it is a valid question, his master says, he did not know to whom, the vehicle he wanted the animal to search, belonged to. Poor bloke couldn't see the picture of Madeleine in the left rear window. I could, thousands of others could....but he couldn't....that's sad. Poor dog has to sniff and guide at the same time....and bless its four little paws, it barked itself hoarse at the wall and its master couldn't see....it was pitiful to watch, had me in tears it did. Woof, Woof, Woof, and nobody taking notice. Gosh I'm in tears just thinking about it.
Moving on to Bennett, bit of a failure this one....writes books and takes cases and loses cases...tsk,.no, I don't mean suite cases, I mean the court type cases. Funny thing is, all this man's clients leave him before the end of the case. He also has had his butt kicked by the legal body that governs solicitors(Lawyers) in UK and he no longer has a license to practise law. The only thing I will give him credit for, his writing. He can write, and write, and write, doesn't make much sense mind you, but he can write. Be warned though, reading his scribes can cause severe eye inflammation.....made my eyes bleed just trying to get past word 4095 in one of his scrolls.
He writes to everyone, from the Home Office in UK to the Attorney General of Portugal.
One,of the books he wrote which, I might add, got banned for its libelous content; dufus sent to every Member of the British Parliament. I bet the Garbage guys were a bit off the following day. Well, 600 loads of toilet paper to move first thing in the morning, doesn't go down too well with most folks and garbage removal guys are just regular folks doing a job....Job.. toilet paper. Never mind.
He has written another book which he claims are the true facts.....confirming that his first scribe wasn't I guess. Stand by your Garbage Cans Members Of Parliament....this one is a doozer.
However, what has escaped Mr. Bennett's tiny brain. The British Government Have A Full Copy Of The Files From Portugal. All translated by professional translators employed by said British Government. HOHUM.
There you have it folks three men who have done nothing to find a missing child but everything to torment the parents of that child.....just to make money for.....why themselves of course. What a sad trio of losers they are...don't you agree?

Posted by tony at 20.3.10

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Why You, Devious Anus Bennett!!!! Amazing The Things You Find When You Know Where To Look

From: ANTHONY BENNETT [mailto:ajsbennett@btinternet.com]
Sent: Tuesday, October 27, 2009 10:12 AM
Subject: The U.S. Edition of '60 Reasons' (was: 60-reasons)


I've given lengthy consideration to this and this would be my working
proposal regarding the content of '60 Reasons', over which I hold copyright
as you know.

I've taken on board all points you've raised including all that you say
about getting it ready for the U.S. market, indexing, updating etc.

1. The copyright will be formally i.e. in writing released to you, or shall
we say waived, subject to the folllowing:

2. If the content is substantially the same as '60 Reasons', the title be
retained but with a sub-heading to make it clear that this is an American
edition or version and with a new author i.e. not m name to appear as the

Here is a suggestion: 'The U.S. edition, by Brian Johnson'.

3. There is prominently displayed in the frontispiece or inside front cover
or introduction to your book a statement as to the source of the material, I
would be happy with something along these lines but would like to see any
proposed wording of yours as an alternative if you want to change it:

This book is based on original work by Tony Bennett from England who
compiled the U.K. edition of '60 Reasons', a work that was also translated
into Spanish, German and Dutch. We are pleased, with his permission, to
bring you the U.S. version of this book which we have revised and updated.

You will no doubt want to include a copyright statement.

I would suggest:

The following assert their right to be known as the authors of this work and
their copyright as per the Berne conventnion: Tony Bennett, Brian Johnson.

You would need to add addresses where both can be contacted, mine of course
being: 66 Chippingfield, HARLOW, Essex CM17 0DJ.

4. A copyright/royalty payment of $1.00 per booklet sold, so long as the
cover price is $5 or less; if more than $5 then at the rate of 20%, I
suggest that payments are amde sday monthly at the end of the month and we
can discuss how they are paid, maybe via PayPal.

I think under all the circumstances payment may have to be made to me rather
than The Madeleine Foundation but that's a detail we can leave.


I hope that can form the basis of a working agreement and await hearing from

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Post by Sabot on Sun Mar 21, 2010 1:55 am

So, more money for Bennett. Or so he hoped. But Stevo was never going to fall for that one. 20%? Bennett must be mad.
Stevo will have used The 60 Reasons but he will have changed the wording, as he appears to have done with Amaral's book and the translation by Anne Esse. I don't really care, just so long as Bennett is pissed off.

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