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Baby disappeared with nine months found 24 years later Aleacia was left at the house of a friend of her mother

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Baby disappeared with nine months found 24 years later Aleacia was left at the house of a friend of her mother

Post by Pedro Silva on Wed Aug 01, 2018 5:32 am

My friends, this was taken from:


Baby disappeared with nine months found 24 years later Aleacia was left at the house of a friend of her mother.


Alecia Stanci, 24, had been missing since December 1994, when her mother gave her to a friend when she was only nine months old. For years the authorities searched for the girl's whereabouts, but with few results.

In 2014, the young woman went to the hospital in Connecticut, in the United States, and one of the nurses at the hospital suspected that Aleacia was unaware of her identity and had little information about her origin.

It was through an internet survey that the nurse discovered an image of a child missing 24 years ago and next to a picture of the girl's evolution up to that age. The nurse called the police.

A DNA test was then performed on the young woman and three years later her identity was confirmed, according to a local newspaper.

The story behind the disappearance
Aleacia is the daughter of Toni Stancil, a woman who, after leaving the Air Force, fought drugs and became a prostitute.

The woman gave the girl to a friend arguing that she needed to "clean her head." Toni only returned two days later and by then the girl's whereabouts were unknown.

According to Eyewitness News, the girl will have passed from person to person until it was delivered to the authorities without any identification.

Thereafter, the girl was placed in the care of the Child Protection Services and subsequently adopted.

Shortly after Aleacia's disappearance, Toni was arrested. It was only in March 1995 that the mother reported the disappearance of the child. In the same year she was found dead.

From the absence of identity to the reunion with his grandmother
Aleacia now has a different name and has been with his grandmother, Frances Ford.

Frances reveals that her granddaughter wants to stay out of the limelight and that she has had a complicated life and is involved in a lot of confusion.

The grandmother dreams one day to have a relationship with Aleacia.

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