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Ex-top cop breaks Madeleine McCann silence to say where he thinks she was taken

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Ex-top cop breaks Madeleine McCann silence to say where he thinks she was taken Empty Ex-top cop breaks Madeleine McCann silence to say where he thinks she was taken

Post by Pedro Silva on Sun Apr 23, 2017 11:10 pm

My friends, this was taken from The Mirror newspaper:


with that I agree: "Madeleine was big business for many, many people", starting with amaral, whose only purpose was to gain dirty fame and fortune at the expenses of an innocent child, which he betrayed.

"I think this case has lots of mistakes", starting again in amaral, whose behaviour showed his lack of interest, because, due to his behaviour of following the moment he was warned about the abduction while dining in the proximity of praia da luz, he instead of appearing in the ocean club, he decided to follow his way to his home.

typical of the Portuguese (except me,that I hate such behaviour): "When we don’t understand something, we complicate it."

amaral is the only responsible for that: "there was too much focus on outlandish theories and behavioural profiles in the first hours and days".

with that I agree: "instead of starting an investigation because the mother looks like this, or the father looks like that, or the mother won’t cry, or the father won’t cry", again, amaral was the responsible for such despicable behaviour, which, due to his disgusting behaviour, precious time was lost or wasted, which should have been used to find an innocent child.

the couple McCann is completely innocent, their campaign is the proof of their inocence, also both police forces of both countries admitted it.

Pedro Silva
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