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Mother finds daughter who was stolen from her 18 years ago

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Mother finds daughter who was stolen from her 18 years ago Empty Mother finds daughter who was stolen from her 18 years ago

Post by Pedro Silva on Thu Feb 25, 2016 10:33 am

My friends, this was taken from MSN news:


South Africa. Mother finds daughter who was stolen from her 18 years ago

Nurse Celeste was 18 years looking for the daughter, who was taken from the hospital when he was just 3 days. The woman who stole it is to be judged in Cape Town, South Africa, and Celeste saw her daughter returns thanks to a coincidence.

The disappearance of Zephany took over the pages of South African newspapers since the day it happened in 1997. A woman dressed as a nurse approached Celeste and asked to pick up the baby, who was crying. The mother was still under the effect of anesthesia administered so that he could better deal with the pain caused by cesarean section, and eventually fall asleep. He awoke some time later, with a nurse to shake her and ask, "Where is your daughter?".

During 18 years, Celeste and Morné, father of Zephany continued to celebrate daughter's birthday and to look for the child. Eventually they have three children, including a girl named Cassidy, three years younger than Zephany says the Washington Post.

And it was Cassidy who helped (unintentionally) to discover the whereabouts of his sister: when he entered the school, several colleagues told him he had a double - a young woman who was in the last year. The two started talking and eventually became friends.

Morné began to get suspicious and asked to meet her friend. . "I went to Facebook and saw more. I saw photographs of her and was equal to my children," he said in court. The man went to the police to tell what he had seen, DNA was collected and was reached the conclusion that the young man was even Zephany, who has been all these years living within two kilometers of Celeste and Morné.

On 26, Celeste rediscovered her daughter: "When she arrived I could not stop crying and finally said. 'I found you looked for you for 17 years and finally found you're mine again..."

also taken from The Washington Post:


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