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Minister wants to separate medical pedophiles from children

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Minister wants to separate medical pedophiles from children Empty Minister wants to separate medical pedophiles from children

Post by Pedro Silva on Wed Apr 08, 2015 8:46 am

My friends, this was taken from Correio da Manhã newspaper:


Minister wants to separate medical pedophiles from children

Paulo Macedo supports revision of the Medical Association's statutes.

The Minister of Health considered this Tuesday "totally undesirable" situations that physicians who are convicted of pedophilia continue to engage with children and expressed its support for the revision of the Medical Association's by-laws to remove these professionals.

Speaking to journalists at the end of the celebrations of World Health Day, Paulo Macedo responded well to the position of the National Board of Medical Ethics and Deontology (CNEDM) of the Medical Association proposes that, by reviewing the Disciplinary Statute of Physicians, one can allow expressly for punishment of the crime of pedophilia, with the penalty of suspension of any medical activities related to children during the period not less than 23 years (registration time in the respective criminal information, as follows from the Law 113/2009).

The minister stressed that this is public knowledge for several years and exemplified with the case of "a doctor who was convicted and had not yet been expelled by the Medical Association."

"Our understanding is that these processes have to be faster," he said Paulo Macedo, considering that not worth a case is detected and then arise "certainly more than ten years, between the facts have been established and the actions that were trigger ", as in the case appointed by the minister.

Considering that we must "act on time" and "correct the statutes of the order," the Ministry of Health states available to support actions that enable the Medical intervene in these situations.

This applies to the approval of the change of the Medical Association of the statutes in the coming months by
Assembly of the Republic, "so that this case, which is considered highly undesirable either by the Medical Association and by the Government, it can not be repeated," he said.

Heloisa Santos, CNEDM member, said on Monday that exist convicted pedophile doctors who continue to work with children because "nobody respects the law, in particular employers."

The doctor referred to the Lanzarote Convention (for protection of children against sexual exploitation and sexual abuse) and, specifically, the Portuguese legislation (113/2009) on the "recruitment for jobs, jobs, functions or activities, public or private, even if unpaid, the exercise of which involves regular contact with minors (...) ".

Under this legislation, "the recruiter entity is obliged to ask the candidate criminal record of the presentation and consider the information in the certificate on the candidate's suitability for benchmarking the performance of duties."

Recently, CNEDM drafted a statement on pedophiles doctors, which recommends that the Medical can "determine that a proven pedophile doctor is specifically disqualified to assist smaller, based on the principle of protection of patients, protection of own doctor and disabling the core values ​​of medicine such as trust, beneficence, non-maleficence and self-determination. "

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