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Approved pedophile database

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Approved pedophile database Empty Approved pedophile database

Post by Pedro Silva on Fri Mar 13, 2015 10:15 am

My friends, this was taken from Correio da Manhã newspaper:


Approved pedophile database

Decision of the Council of Ministers.

The Government approved on Thursday a bill establishing "the creation of a criminal identification registration convicted of crimes against sexual self-determination and sexual freedom of minors", which will go to the parliament.

According to Secretary of State for Justice, Antonio Moura Costa, it is proposed that those who exercise parental responsibilities can ask the police authorities in your area, "on the basis of concrete situations", whether a person appears or not that database, which "will be directly accessible to police and judicial authorities" and also "the probation services and child protection committees and youth."

In a press conference at the end of the Council of Ministers, the Minister of the Presidency, Luis Marques Guedes, stressed that at issue "only the application traffic with convicted persons names in judged," said that the registration will be of limited duration, between five and twenty years, depending on length of prison sentence, and called for "real national debate" on the issue.

According to the statement of the Council of Ministers, this is a "two measures for the protection of children and to prevent and minimize the risks of acts of sexual offenses against children" of the bill approved today, the other "inhibition of a convicted person's exercise of professional or voluntary activities involving direct and regular contact with children."


I wonder that now that the database is approved, if judges will continue to order pedophiles to be free, instead of being in jail, also I wonder if the names of those criminals will be known, because parents, also other citizens should know who they are to avoid the contact of them with children.

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