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Correio da Manhã newspaper

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Correio da Manhã newspaper

Post by Pedro Silva on Sat Nov 10, 2012 12:25 am

My friends, this was taken from Correio da Manhã newspaper:


Vila do Conde

Military accused of corruption should go free

The four military GNR of Vila do Conde accused of corruption will go free.

The investigating judge of the tribunal, Pedro Miguel Vieira, will apply coercive measures to 16.30, however the Public Prosecutor (MP) is not restrictive measures ordered liberty, and thus unable to apply the magistrate remand.

The prosecutor also requested the suspension of duties on GNR by the defendants and the prohibition of contact with any member of the Chinese community.

All the defendants had already been heard yesterday, so in the morning it was up to MP and do promotion for lawyers and their claims. By early afternoon the defendants should go to court to hear the action.

The former commander Rui Silva and three soldiers, Pedro Cardoso, Márcio Gonçalves and Paulo Pinto, were arrested by the Judicial Police of Porto on Tuesday. They are suspected of corruption, embezzlement and abuse of power. They will also have exerted violence on victims of extortion, with Chinese businesses in the area of Varziela.


Vila do Conde

Military GNR paid by Mafia

wiretapping link to GNR's military business mafias Chinese

The four military GNR, arrested yesterday on charges of corruption, embezzlement and abuse of power, were caught on the phone to match the Chinese Mafia payment methods to "close their eyes" to inspections and plan how they would exert violence on victims of extortion, they also Chinese with business in the area of Varziela.

The former commander of the post of Vila do Conde, the sergeant-major Rui Silva, also shows a strong link in tapping the businessmen linked to prostitution. In a conversation proposes "the payment of a dinner or girls" to close their eyes to a review of a bar switch.

Rui Silva and the other defendants, the guards Paulo Pinto, Pedro Cardoso and Márcio Gonçalves - all functions in the rank of Vila do Conde - were also caught require several articles to the Chinese Mafia. In the surveillance carried out by PJ Port, the guard Marcio Goncalves is even seen to receive 170 euros a dealer for favors rendered. This same military also is heard repeatedly asking underwear for women.

The defendants, who know today's coercive measures, also received lights and Christmas trees, footwear and clothing. "I need some shoes," said one of the defendants in a conversation intercepted.

The Judiciary, which made the cars still bugging the defendants, also got calls where Mafia members requesting the meeting with the military in order to incutirem fear in victims of extortion.

The defendants return to court today to Vila do Conde, where the sergeant still be heard - sidekick Rui Silva and Pedro Cardoso guard. The two other soldiers were interrogated yesterday afternoon for a few hours, having refuted all charges that are targeted.


The complaint that the four elements of the GNR Vila do Conde were involved authorities arrived in May last year. The investigation lasted year and a half, but the testimony that the PJ have on hand is weak. The case was discussed long ago in the Chinese community in Varziela settled and fear among traders, who appear afraid and refuse to confront the military in court.

"We knew that certain elements of the GNR closed their eyes to situations illicit committed by members of the Chinese community and that there were many instances of abuse of power for a few traders. Nobody has, however, now denounce the courage to face to face in court fear retaliation, "said a manager of the CM zone Varziela.

Against the military, the Judicial Police of Porto has, however, beyond wiretapping, various surveillance activities conducted during the investigation.



Porto: PSP holds three suspected of aggravated pimping

Sex slave for three years

They took the psychological fragility of a young man of 23, who had lost contact with the family, and promised to help her. But the couple, 33 and 35, and a friend, 58, had other intentions for the victim. For three years forced her into prostitution at a pension in Porto, and make drug deliveries. Whenever denied any service, was threatened with weapons.

The three suspects of aggravated pimping, trafficking in drugs and weapons were arrested yesterday by the Criminal Investigation Division of the PSP, after investigations started six months ago. In the searches, in Gaia, agents found a pistol hidden in a pen, an alarm pistol, three knives, two rifles, nine pounds of cartridges, and various doses of hashish and marijuana.

According to the CM found, the suspects were unemployed and did the sex slave to big source of income, forcing her to prostitute daily. Detainees were yesterday appeared in court and were released.



Vila do Conde: Several cars disappeared from the GNR station

Commander sells himself for lesbian show (WITH VIDEO)

Know the details of the investigation at GNR suspected of corruption, abuse of power,

at the edition of CDM.

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