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Is the tide turning? Chief Editor of Expresso Newspaper is not impressed with Amaral

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Is the tide turning? Chief Editor of Expresso Newspaper is not impressed with Amaral

Post by Guest on Tue Jul 29, 2008 12:06 am

Just popped in from the sweltering heat here on the South Coast and had a scan of a few forums and found this. Sorry I do not have a link to the actual article, as I do not know how to do the translation. Anyway, I found it a refreshing article and from the Chief Editor of the publication -hopefully it will open a few eyes and more people in Portugal will start to question the disgraceful behaviour of Amaral:-

Opinion article by Henrique Monteiro, chief editor of Expresso:

The ‘judicial secrecy’ and the press’ ‘lies’

Who lied in the Maddie case? The answer lies in what is told by former inspector Gonçalo Amaral. All the fantastic and never proved theories that a certain press has spread are in his book. And they remain without any evidence to sustain them.

Gonçalo Amaral must be a man who is full of himself. He was responsible for a calamitous investigation in the ‘Maddie case’, but according to the balance that he does, everyone is to blame except for him.

According to Gonçalo, the blame lies with the fact that the McCanns’ apartment was not preserved, with the British police that did not fully cooperate, with the journalists that stood in the way, with Her Majesty’s government that pressured, with the Portuguese government that let itself be pressured, with the prosecutors, with the PJ’s directors, with the conspiracy of the powerful and – if he is allowed to continue unloading – it will hit the CIA, the Masonry, Opus Dei, the Trilateral, Bildberg and the Pope, the usual suspects of the conspiracy theories that circulate on the internet.

The same inspector must not be inhibited (not to mention being ashamed), because after the suspicions that befall him due to the conduction of the ‘Joana case’ (another missing girl, whose mother, who was condemned over her death, accuses the PJ of torturing her) and the disaster of the ‘Maddie case’, he pretends to be a national hero and the holder of the truth, against everything and against everyone, and he maintains an absurd theory that does not resist a minimally structured analysis.

Amaral probably didn’t think about the fact that it does not become him to talk and to write in detail about a process which – despite having been widely abused – is still under judicial secrecy, either. Or that it does not become him to be a judge in his own cause.

But the most interesting about the former inspector’s book is that we get to know where the famous ‘lies’ from the media that everyone talked about, came from. Finally, we can verify that the most unbelievable theories came out of that illuminated brain. And that certain newspapers, lacking a better option, published them without contradicting, without investigating, without logics and without evidence.

But Gonçalo continues to state his ‘conviction’ that Maddie died in the apartment. He must have inherited from medieval justice, this notion of ‘conviction’ without evidence; or from Alice, by Carrol, the idea that first the criminal’s head is cut off and then the trial is done; or from ‘The Foreigner’, by Camus, the fixation in the importance of the criminal’s “facies” or the fact whether one does or does not cry in front of death.

The lawful state bases itself on evidence, beyond doubt. The notion that innocence prevails over guilt – when there is no evidence to the contrary – is what separates civilization from barbarism.

Unfortunately, there are remains of barbarism among us. Until very recently, it headed the PJ in Portimão. I hope he was the last one.


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Hi Chinadoll

Post by dianeh on Tue Jul 29, 2008 12:16 am

Well that was worth a read. It felt so good to read that after all the crap that has come out of Portugal. It is as we have long known,that there are many decent people in Portugal who can see through the rubbish, lies, smears and accusations being put about by Gonc. Lets hope that more of these decent people get to have their say.
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Re: Is the tide turning? Chief Editor of Expresso Newspaper is not impressed with Amaral

Post by janeGT on Tue Jul 29, 2008 12:36 am

barbaric is right...even MILD for what I believe.

see also the portugalresident.com
and the mccannfiles.com

who also run good articles.

Not everyone at all is sycophantic to an outdated secrecy riddled (ha ha except to the press where you peddle thoughts as facts aka blatant lies) regime of thugs such as some are, in the pj.

Roll on September when the FAMOUS FIVE are on trial and then and only then will we see how far up corruption and sycophancy go. Will Portugal be morally upstanding and jail them ---- or morally bankrupt......??? confused

we shall see in a few weeks' time. Long overdue. :bounce: :cheers:

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Re: Is the tide turning? Chief Editor of Expresso Newspaper is not impressed with Amaral

Post by Shingle on Tue Jul 29, 2008 2:43 am


Here is a link tothat story.



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Re: Is the tide turning? Chief Editor of Expresso Newspaper is not impressed with Amaral

Post by Rosie on Tue Jul 29, 2008 5:18 am

Well this is in line more or less to what I have been writing this past few weeks and to the reply I just gave to Shingle on her Kate's Diaries thread.

I wondered what other papers in Portugal were going to do, the ones that did not get his story and how they were going to approach it and report on it, I figured if they were even a little like the British press, that they would go on the attack of Goncalo Amaral.

I also think this piece in the Expresso, should strike fear into the heart of Goncalo Amaral (if he has one) because it indicates which way certain newspapers are going to be reporting in his upcoming trial.

I had guessed that Corea de Manure had secured some kind of deal with Amaral over this book and the publishing of excerpts from it and so I fully expected their line of reporting, however having said this, I think someone has ripped up the manual on libel law, even Portuguese libel law and has just gone charging full steam ahead publishing and be damned! Well now it looks as if they may very well be damned.

I think this is the turning of the tide in Portugal, people reading this are going to actually see Amaral and his unsubstantiated fantasy stories laid bare. Especially as all of this is giving Portugal an extremely bad reputation and an horrendous press abroad and this cannot help but trickle through to the Portuguese tourist industry and this translated means because of Amaral, the ordinary working person in Portugal, is going to be hit very hard, so when they all start losing their jobs in the tourist industry, or there are simply no jobs to be had next season, they will all know who to blame!

But he will be OK, he will be living off the dirty money made on the back of an innocent missing child and then the defamation of her parents in a certain Portuguese gutter newspaper.

But how long will it last? And when the money fades and along with it his infamy, his notoriety rises, no one will want to touch him with a barge pole, let alone read any more of his unsubstantiated twitterings in yet another factless publication. Probably it will be Amaral? Amaral who? However, much worse than this, he has to get himself over his coming trial and he enters a court room where he has already severely annoyed, judges, prosecutors etc and I am just wondering if the other four due to stand trial with him are praying that he will just shut his big fat wobbly mouth up? Everytime he opens his mouth, he may be putting their feet in it!

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no way
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Re: Is the tide turning? Chief Editor of Expresso Newspaper is not impressed with Amaral

Post by Guest on Tue Jul 29, 2008 6:19 am

Or is this just big theatre for other world, "PJ is very good police and everything what happened was Amaral's cause". It is very easy to find one scape goat and so looks like others are innocent. Amaral wasn't only one!

Christovao (another PJ officer who is in "charge" of torturing Joana's mother) has written for a Portuguese newspaper Diário de Noticias false stories about the McCanns and is now leader of head of Portugal's new foundation for missing children.


I don't know what happened for real associaton for missing children Desaparecida SOS Child, the Office of the Child Support (IAC) when they had to found new one. Maybe it was too concerned to missing children?


But how it is possible that in Portugal they can name person who is in charge torturing missing child's mother as head of new foundation for missing children ?

Joana's mother is still prison too.


This kind of propaganda they used to show in Portugal to manipulate portuguese to believe Joana´s mother murdered her daughter...


I think it is awful.


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Re: Is the tide turning? Chief Editor of Expresso Newspaper is not impressed with Amaral

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