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Moita Flores suspends office in Santarém

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Moita Flores suspends office in Santarém

Post by Pedro Silva on Tue Jul 17, 2012 10:44 pm

My friends, this was taken from Expresso newspaper:


Moita Flores suspends office in Santarém

Mayor claims for health reasons and commitments as a writer to be away from Santarém for at least three months. Opposition by PS speaks of "the wool over the eyes."

The Mayor of Santarém, Francisco Moita Flores, today urged the suspension of the mandate for three months, citing health reasons and obligations of his literary life.

The request for suspension had the abstention of two councilors elected by the PS, which claimed "respect" for health reasons but not understand the invocation of the obligations of the literary life, since Moita Flores (independently elected by the PSD) always reconcile this activity as a mayor over recent years.

"Moita Flores has changed Santarém by Oeiras. Let us not throw sand in our eyes, we are not pategos," said Socialist councilor Antonio Carmo, accusing the mayor to not only have not solved the problems of Santarém but have aggravated the , "doubling the debt of 50 million to 100 million euros."

Compliments and complaints

Ricardo Goncalves, who assumes the presidency of the local authority during the absence of Moita Flores, comes out in defense of the mayor pointing out that "the work speaks for him" and praising the "assertiveness and visibility" that led to Santarem.

Referring to the value of the debt of the municipality of Santarém, Ricardo Gonçalves reaffirms the debt found when the PSD took over management of the municipality in 2005 was well over 50 million and recalls 17 million acquisition of the former Practical School of Cavalry, which increased the numbers 2011.

"Moita Flores gave much of themselves to Santarem," he says, referring to the effects of this delivery to the mayor's health. "If you wrote a book, it shows your ability to work," he adds, stressing that there is "a county before and after Moita Flores," which leaves "a remarkable work."

Carmo Antonio Moita Flores said he hoped to include a chapter in the book that promised to write about local authorities, politicians and their experience in Santarem, on the "story" of their absences, and states that the mayor does not presided over the last five meetings of the executive city.

Output Oeiras

Francisco Moita Flores was on sick leave in May and enjoyed his vacation from mid-June, now entering with a first application for a stay in office for three months that may extend for a maximum period of one year.

In the past six days, Moita Flores presented himself to the militant Social Democrats of Oeiras municipality where they should apply in local elections of 2013, saying then the Lusa agency that cease employment with the Board of Santarém at the end of last week.

Francisco Moita Flores called attention to the decisions that are missing, the PSD of the district of Lisbon and the national leadership of the party, that is definitely confirm his candidacy.

"My application still depends on other decisions. Until then, I'm available. Or stay here or I'll enjoy my retirement," he concluded.

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