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Museum 'Belfast Titanic "opened in the Irish town where the ship was designed and built

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Museum 'Belfast Titanic "opened in the Irish town where the ship was designed and built

Post by Pedro Silva on Sun Apr 01, 2012 8:31 am


Museum 'Belfast Titanic "opened in the Irish town where the ship was designed and built
There are several museums and memorials to the Titanic, but Belfast claim a place in history and offers superlative experience, including a multimedia recreation of the sinking and even a replica of the hall, which can be rented for weddings.
"Belfast Titanic" will be inaugurated on Saturday in the city where the ship was designed and built over three years, the same time it took the space to be completed.

The project, which leads the busiest of urban regeneration in Europe, aims to have an effect similar to the Guggenheim had in Bilbao (Basque Country) and mark the landscape of the city as the Eiffel Tower in Paris (France).

Taking advantage of the centenary celebrations of the shipwreck, April 15, 1912, the new space you want to claim a share in the fascination that continues to exist around the Titanic.

The six-story building was constructed symbolically in the docks of the capital of Northern Ireland, less than 100 meters to where the Titanic was released to water in the early twentieth century.

From the outside, is dominated by four walls of 27.5 meters and angled resembling vessel bows, and is used to input a metal plate 18 meters, such as those used in the construction of Titanic.

Inside, nine galleries are designed to provide visitors with experiences similar to a person who had lived in Belfast in the early 1900s, when recorded a great economic boom.

With the help of movies and sounds you can visit the Harland and Wolff shipyards, where the larger boats were built at the time, and you can even watch closely the launch of the Titanic.

It is shown after the luxurious interior of the boat and presented the story of some of the passengers and crew.

But the most impressive moment is a dramatic recreation of the sinking, when the lights dim, the temperature drops and hear testimonies of survivors.

Finally, there is a trip to the bottom of the Atlantic to see firsthand the wreckage.

In the space was made a replica of the staircase and the dining room of the ship, which can be rented for events and even weddings.

Were sold over 80,000 tickets to people from 20 countries are expected close to half a million visitors.

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