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Clarence Mitchell Answers Questions Sky Live Web Chat

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Clarence Mitchell Answers Questions Sky Live Web Chat

Post by Rosie on Wed Jul 23, 2008 9:53 am

There are some very interesting answers given by Clarence Here.

Clarence Mitchell: the voice of the McCanns (07/22/2008)

http://news.sky.com/skynews/Home/UK-News/Madeleine-McCann-ask-Clarence-Mitchell-a-question-on-the-Sky-News-lunchtime-debate/Article/200807415048961?lid=ARTICLE_15048961_Madeleine McCann: ask Clarence Mitchell a question on the Sky News lunchtime debate&lpos=searchresults

12:27 iansky - Hello, my name is Ian Collier from Sky News and I would like to welcome Clarence Mitchell - the McCanns' spokesman - to our lunch time web chat.

12:28 [Comment From Clarence Mitchell]
hello clarence here

12:29 [Comment From judy]
Why do an 'ordinary' couple need a spokesperson?

12:31 Clarence Mitchell - Gerry and Kate McCann have come under unprecedented international media interest. Any family facing such intense interest in everything they say and do is entitled to have help if they wish it. A spokesman takes much of the pressure off their shoulders. At times, I have to deal with hundreds of calls a day on their behalf.

12:32 [Comment From Sarah]
What do you think will your private investigators be able to do that the portuguese police was unable to do for the past 14 months?

12:34 Clarence Mitchell - The private investigators are working very hard in many countries and can sometimes act more swiftly than the police in ruling potential sightings in or out. By gaining access to the police files, much of the information will be very useful to cross-check or confirm or rule out leads they may already be following.

12:35 [Comment From T. Store]
Will Gerry and Kate answer the questions that they so far have refused due to "judicial secrecy"?

12:36 Clarence Mitchell - Kate and Gerry were not permitted to discuss details within the police whilst judicial secrecy existed. When they are ready to speak out, they will be making their views perfectly clear.
12:36 Clarence Mitchell - within t
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12:37 Clarence Mitchell - within
12:37 Clarence Mitchell - within

12:37 [Comment From Sue]
Now the Aquido status what is the next plan of action

12:37 Clarence Mitchell - within
12:39 Clarence Mitchell - Kate and Gerry are relieved that their arguido status has been rightly removed from their shoulders. They will now focus entirely on the search for Madeleine. Assessing the information within the police files that could assist the private investigation is their priority

12:39 [Comment From john]
do the McCanns accept they were wholly irresponsible for leaving the children alone?

12:41 Clarence Mitchell - Gerry and Kate accept that they made a mistake that night - one that they may live to regret all their lives. Their checking system failed. However, they were not intentionally being neglectful. Their checks were more detailed than if any similar baby-listening had been available at the resort, which in their case, it wasn't>

12:41 [Comment From Dan3A]
Will the Mccanns now go back to Portugal to help fin eout what happned to Madeline?

12:41 Clarence Mitchell - baby-listening service
12:42 Clarence Mitchell - As Gerry made clear yesterday, he and Kate have no plans to return to Portugal at the moment. However, if at some stage, they feel a visit would be important in helping their investigation they would go.

12:45 [Comment From Vicky]
Who will be funding the continued search for Madeline?

12:46 Clarence Mitchell - The Find Madeleine Fund exists to support the search for Madeleine, through the very generous donations received from members of the public. For as long as it lasts, it will be the principal source of funding for the search. It is currently roughly half-way spent, with around 460,000 left

12:47 [Comment From Fiona]
Do they feel a reconstruction would have helped the investigation

12:48 [Comment From Kim Tayler]
If there is any legal action against the PJ or Mr Amaral, will the fund be paying for that action? Wouldn't time and money be better spent trying to find Madeleine?

12:49 Clarence Mitchell - A reconstruction that would have been seen by the public and that could have generated new information would have been useful. Despite initial suggestions of doing one soon after Madeleine was abducted, the Portuguese police declined the offer. Their later suggestion of one would not have been seen by the public and would therefore have not generated new information from potential witnesses

12:50 [Comment From Lisa]
Will the McCanns definitely be able to get access to the files? If so, are the police allowed to hold any part of the files back?

12:50 Clarence Mitchell - Any legal redress is not a priority for Kate and Gerry at this stage. Their sole priority is finding Madeleine and all the Fund monies will be used to that end. Other legal costs are being met by the generosity of some of the backers who are continuing to support Gerry and Kate

12:50 [Comment From Vicky]
What will happen to the search once the 460,000 comes to an end? Will the McCanns be forced to give up searching for their little girl?

12:51 Clarence Mitchell - Kate and Gerry's Portuguese lawyers will be gaining access to the police file shortly. After some 20 days, the media can also apply for access, but Portuguese confidentiality and privacy laws will mean that the public access will be limited in certain areas.
12:52 Clarence Mitchell - The search will continue for as long as the Fund can support it. Kate and Gerry are fortunate enough to have some very generous backers as well. If the public donations do run out, alternative means of raising money to fund the continuing search will be discussed and considered.

12:53 [Comment From Elizabeth]
Will the British police continue investigating, now that the Portuguese have stopped?

12:55 Clarence Mitchell - That is a matter for Leicestershire Police. They have acted in a support role for the Portuguese Police throughout. Now that the official investigation has been shelved by them, I am sure Leics Police will be reviewing their position. If any new information comes to light, both forces will consider reopening the files.

12:56 [Comment From Clare]
Who is paying for your position - is it the fund???

12:56 Clarence Mitchell - This was made very clear when I joined Kate and Gerry in a full time role last year. My salary is paid by Brian Kennedy, one of their backers. I do not receive a penny from the Fund

12:57 [Comment From Vicky]
Has there been any recent sightings of Madeline that have not been known to the general public?

12:58 Clarence Mitchell - There are a number of ongoing leads that the private investigators are continuing to work on. Because of the necessarily covert nature of much of their work, I cannot and will not go into any details

12:59 [Comment From Mary]
Are Metodo 3 still in your employ

12:59 [Comment From David]
How do you feel about Amaral's belief that Madeleine died in apartment 5a? How do you feel about the evidence which the Portuguese police have to support this?

12:59 [Comment From kyle]
hello Clarence..why do you keep pushing the abduction scenario...when all the evidence indicates the opposite.

1:00 [Comment From Duane]
Do you think Madeline is dead or alive

1:00 Clarence Mitchell - Metodo 3 are still retained as one of the resources the private investigation uses. It is now much more internationally based. The information capture systems are also now more sophisticated than they were

1:00 [Comment From Laura]
Do you have any comment to make about the clearing of Robert Murat and the libel damages he received?

1:01 Clarence Mitchell - Mr Amaral needs to be aware that his comments in his book will be closely read by libel lawyers. Gerry and Kate are innocent in the eyes of the Portuguese legal system and as a former police officer he will know he cannot imply any suggestion of involvement in Madeleine's abduction. Nor should he, as they were not involved in any way

1:03 Clarence Mitchell - The evidence does not suggest the opposite. The police examined all possible theories and, on that basis, the Attorney General has now clearly said that none of the former arguidos are guilty of any criminal act. Madeleine was taken. That is the truth

1:03 Clarence Mitchell - There is no evidence whatsoever to suggest Madeleine has been harmed, let alone killed. Gerry and Kate will continue to hope that she is possibly still alive, until it is proven beyond doubt that she is not.

1:04 iansky -
The web chat has now finished. Thanks to Clarence Mitchell and all of you for taking part. See you tomorrow at 12.30.

1:04 Clarence Mitchell - Mr Murat's libel action and its outcome is entirely a matter for him and his lawyers to comment on.

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