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Yesterday at Portuguese newspaper 24horas

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Yesterday at Portuguese newspaper 24horas

Post by Pedro Silva on Mon Feb 22, 2010 1:52 am

Former PJ "more free" after court´s decision.

Amaral prepares now is counterattack.

At a session presenting his second book, the former PJ revealed how he will answer to the prohibition of the truth of lie.

The former PJ Gonçalo Amaral told yesterday to 24horas that he is already work in the appeal about the judicial decision who maintains, this Thursday, the prohibition of the diffusion of the book: maddie: the truth of lie, and revealed some of the "assets" that he will use in the application of the protest against the arguments of the judge Gabriela Cunha Rodrigues.

At the end of the afternoon, minutes before of another session of presenting his other book: "The English Gag" in Lisbon, which counts with three editions, Amaral told which arguments he will refute those who led the magistrate to uphold the claim of Madeleine McCann´s parents.

"Contrary to what is propagandize, the sentence is not so favorable (to the McCanns) as you think.

Amaral also says that the judge Gabriela Rodrigues, to rewrite some of the terms of the first injunction, allowed him "to speak about the case" in a serious way.

"To have been removed from the decision the term "inferred" allow us to analyze, for example, the work of the British detectives, the strategies of the couple McCann and other thesis which are not neither in the book nor in the documentary" he claimed.

There is no police that don´t speak:

Amaral contests also the arguments in which, been an agent of the State, he could not express other opinions - are allegedly contrary about what has been written at the dispatch of the shelve of the enquiry.

"There are many State agents, there are many State medics that wrote books... it cannot be the way to limited the freedom of expression. There is no police officer, in Portugal or in any part of the world, that being limited in the full exercise of that freedom", he told.

Amaral will claim at the appeal about a needed "serious discussion" about the eventual application, at the Portuguese law, "of the figure of support appeal" praticed in other countries, and which allows - as an example in the cases of injunctions - the direct appeal for the Constitutional Court. If it is not, he says, "we fear that the path is that of censorship or a posteriori".

They ask for a full review:

Madeleine´s parents wants a full review of the case about their daughter disappearance, also about the leads gathered by PJ, since the disappearance of the child, in 2007, claiming that nothing has been done since the case was shelved: "There is a lot of information held by different police forces which is not in a single data base available for research", told yesterday Gerry McCann in London. The doctor regrets that has not being carried "a systematic review of all information and leads, something which at UK is done automatically". Since the case was shelved, what has being done? Almost nothing", Madeleine´s father attacked.

Pedro Silva
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Re: Yesterday at Portuguese newspaper 24horas

Post by bluj1515 on Mon Feb 22, 2010 8:19 am

The "spin" that Amaral and Co. are putting on this is quite ridiculous.
A Portuguese judge in a Portuguese court decided that a book written by a former Portuguese police officer broke Portuguese law.
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