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What Lee Rainbow ACTUALLY said.

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Re: What Lee Rainbow ACTUALLY said.

Post by Sabot on Tue Feb 16, 2010 3:52 am

dianeh wrote:
The McCanns should have been investigated and Amaral likes to say he suspected them from the start, this being so why did he wait all that time and for someone like Rainbow to tell him how to do his job properly?

It is this type of contradiction that should be highlighting to the anti's that Amaral is lying to them. Because Rosie, you are 100% correct that he says he suspected them all along. So how then could he have had to read a report from a BRITISH profiler, that told him he should investigate the McCanns to rule out them out, before he even began investigating them.

I bet he nicked a copy of that report before he left, thinking it would come in handy if The McCanns did sue him. He was wrong again of course. That document does not point to the guilt of The McCanns. Any fool should be able to understand this.

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Re: What Lee Rainbow ACTUALLY said.

Post by Rosie on Tue Feb 16, 2010 8:16 am

Sabot wrote:
Rosiepops wrote:His "vanished" wife has a lot of his assets already transferred into her name and so does his brother!

I don't think that will protect him, Rosie, if it can be proved that it was done on purpose. I am more concerned that he might move stuff out of the country.

And they can still take half of his house even if it is in Sofia's name. Presuming that it is paid for of course, which I don't think it is.

I could say a lot about Amaral, Rebelo and money, but I would be committing libel so I won't, but just let me say this, "things" are not always as they seem and sometimes when someone looks like they are in debt, they really are financially solvent!

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