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Round 2 in the MF Fight

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Round 2 in the MF Fight

Post by Chicane on Fri Nov 06, 2009 4:10 am

I tried to link this to The Madeleine Foundation website......but it is piew....Sorry...gone

This was placed on the website:

Bank Account Frozen by Chairwoman Debbie Butler

By admin Nov 5th, 2009 Category: Headline
The Chairwoman of the Madeleine Foundation has just requested that this statement is placed on this website:

have found some evidence of serious fraud in connection with the
Madeleine Foundation finances that were administered by secretary Tony
Bennett. I have taken immediate action and yesterday I froze the
company bank account. Mr. Bennett has failed to respond to important
questions sent by email and he is refusing to answer the phone.

Any member with any questions about this matter can contact me by phone or email. I will be more than happy to speak to them.

Chairwoman, Debbie Butler

Now Bennett is not so happy with this:


I cannot believe you have just posted this. The two of you - you and Debbie - seem to have gone utterly insane:

There is absolutely nothing in what Debbie says, same as for much else
that she has said in the past two weeks. In fact it is an outrageous
and deliberate lie. The accounts have been scrupulously kept and Debbie
has always known about all payments in and out of The Foundation, as my
frequent e-mails to hear bear testimony. No cheques have been paid out
since 2 October when we met Kirwans in Liverpool.

Your own
creibility will suffer as a result of this Steve. Very much so. I
cannot afford to take libel proceedings agisnt you or issue writs, but
this is almost an unpardonable offence the two of you have committed.
It would be very hard for me to forgive this one. Especially as in fact
the Foundation owes me money in respect of postage etc. as yet

I must insist you remove this straightaway and apologise for posting it up.

the way, I went to the bank several days ago, properly notified them
there was a dispute according to established procedure, explained that
a new Committee was in operation, and added that new signatories to the
account would be provided after our meeting on 14 November.

is lying, I'm sorry to say it but there is no other word, and I just
know she has no evidence; I also know that she cannot have given you
any evidence therefore you are wholly guilty of the libel as you can't
have seen any evidence to substantiate your article. Nor did you check
any of Debbie's increasingly wilder accusations with me before posting..

It's not very often I'm dumbstruck and shaken to the core, but this is one of those occasions.

makes me wonder all the more what Debbie Butler has been talking about
in the many conversations she admits to having recently with Clarence
Mitchell and Adrian Upshon, which you also know all about.

won't destroy me and the Foundation over this. But in time your
consciences will get the better of you for circulating a deliberate,
calculated and wholly untrue libel.

In the meantime, a 3-year-old British girl waits for the truth about her to be uncovered.

Tony Bennett

Mmm..wonder how a shaky Tiny Bonnett looks....

Up to round 3

Coke and popcorn ready...

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Re: Round 2 in the MF Fight

Post by May on Fri Nov 06, 2009 8:30 am

Same here Chicane, can't wait for the next installment.

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Re: Round 2 in the MF Fight

Post by Peaceful1 on Fri Nov 06, 2009 12:51 pm

Oh dear, it looks like its all going pear shaped for them all doesn't it?
Sad. NOT...
Serves them bloody right!
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Re: Round 2 in the MF Fight

Post by dianeh on Fri Nov 06, 2009 1:19 pm

I have been reading it on JATYK. Mate, these people are all screwed. It looks like none of them can lay straight in bed.

But what got me laughing the most is all this talks about how upset they are at false claims etc being made. How dare someone accuse Bennett of fraud?

This is from the same people who have accused the McCanns of running a fraudulent fund, of covering up what happened to their daughter, that they know their daughter was not abducted, that they have constantly lied, that some of the Tapas group are paedophiles, etc etc. You people are all despicable and CLASS A HYPOCRITES.

And once again getting a big laugh as well out of Bren and Debs cunning plan to trick the McCanns into getting the case re-opened. You two are as thick as bricks. Your 'cunning plan' fails on two fronts. The McCanns have been trying to get the case re-opened but because you live in opposite land you keep saying that they are not. And secondly, if you go near the McCanns all you will recieve is a harrassment charge via the police to accompany the libel writ via Carter Ruck.

But it is a good read, quite a comedy.
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Re: Round 2 in the MF Fight

Post by bluj1515 on Fri Nov 06, 2009 3:12 pm

Brilliant Diane.
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Re: Round 2 in the MF Fight

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