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Our mutual friend.

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Our mutual friend.

Post by vee8 on Sun Nov 01, 2009 4:27 am

I'm talking about drachensachen, one of the more seriously deranged and mentally disturbed members of, well, just about any cesspit that will have it, actually. Thing is, Tony, from the hounding blog, has raised my interest considerably with this post.


DRACHENSNUFFLES/ DrachenSachen Save it. Law Enforcement Know All about you. Virgin Media Boards, Your Blog, Your Port Scanning, Your Vendettas

"Fellow bloggers. Wanna block someone from reading you blog?

(snipped because it is a load of complicated nonsense about banning ips)

I have 26 IP addresses blocked from reading my blog and if they try to access my blog they get the following message:"

"Your IP address has been blocked from viewing this blog and has been submitted to law enforcement for possible further analysis, monitoring or investigation into your Internet activities."
Yours Drachen has been with Law Enforcement For Sometime Now
Your Mass Deletion On The Virgin Boards Was Way Too Late

Posted by tony at 31.10.09

It is the mention of the VM boards that interests me, because it was on there he took great pleasure over my daughter's sexual abuse by a local paedo. He has also libeled me several times in the past. If Tony is reading this, please feel free to e-mail me, as if the police would like any help, or witness statements, I would be only too pleased to help.
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