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humptybumpty, you are a total bast*rd.

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humptybumpty, you are a total bast*rd.

Post by vee8 on Thu Oct 22, 2009 4:59 pm

HumptyBumpty Post subject: Letter to Bill Kenwright, Everton FC re Madeleine T-shirts
Posts: 50 Wonder if I could ask for a bit of help...

Have today spoken to and sent this email to Bill Kenwright's PA, Emily Dallas. Would simply ask anyone with Twitter accounts or similar to urge all Everton fans to refuse to accept or wear the Madeleine McCann T-shirts being handed out before the game in Lisbon on Thursday.

There is no guarantee this will have much effect of course, a freebie is always an attractive proposition and I suspect football fans are few in number on Twitter, but no harm in trying.

Many thanks.

Sent: 21 October 2009 16:02:39
To: emily.dallas@kenwright.com

Dear Mr Kenwright

I have no reason to doubt your motives for handing out Madeleine McCann T-shirts ahead of the Everton game on Thursday but would advise you that we will be urging all travelling fans to send a clear 'enough is enough' message to the McCanns by refusing to accept or wear these shirts.
Some of us have now devoted over two years to this case and are determined to see the truth prevail. Although, at the time of writing, we remain short of enough hard evidence to insist the Portuguese authorities re-open the investigation and bring charges against the McCanns we have so far amassed a mountain of circumstantial evidence which gives rise to a compelling case that:

- Madeleine McCann died in her holiday apartment on or before 3rd May 2007
- Kate and Gerry McCann know Madeleine is dead
- Kate and Gerry McCann, with the assistance of others, concealed and disposed of Madeleine's corpse

My hope has always been that Madeleine McCann's parents see sense and confess their crimes but, should this not happen, I believe sufficient hard evidence will be available to incriminate both the McCanns and others within a matter of months.

Your recent public statements would indicate you accept the McCanns' claim that Madeleine was abducted by persons unknown. I suggest you consider what goes through the mind of a couple of ambitious working-class forty-year-olds who, having given their entire adult lives to their medical careers and a comfortable future, come home to their three young children, all sedated to keep them asleep, and find one of them dead.

I urge you to stay open-minded on the McCanns.

Humpty Bumpty
RealHumptyB on

One of the sicker, more retarded members of the intenet community.
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Re: humptybumpty, you are a total bast*rd.

Post by dianeh on Thu Oct 22, 2009 5:29 pm

Doesnt HumptyNumpty realise that all such emails do is make them look like hate mongering halfwits.

Imagine how anyone could be conceited enough to believe that others should act on their unsubstantiated opinons that Madeleine was killed in her parents apartment. There is no reason why Everton management should listen to them, none at all, Everton will take the official view,not some conspiracy loons lastest rantings . There are always idiots that complain to all famous organisations, and these idiots are always ignored, and most likely laughed at as well. Just as HumptNumpty and any friends and socks he manages to drum up will be ignored for action, and giggled at for amusement.

When will they get it through their thick heads that their opinions are in the very very small minority (as most people do not consider persecuting innocent people to be a respectable past time), and nobody, is in the slighted bit interested in what they have to say. Emails like this show them up to a broader audience as the pitchforking, hate mongering morons that they are.
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