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Vilamoura residents take action

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Vilamoura residents take action

Post by christabel on Fri Jul 10, 2009 1:38 am

Looks like people are starting to get fed up in Portugal.
Good on them I say!!!

Vilamoura residents take action
Updated: 09-Jul-2009

Residents plan to create an association to help Vilamoura
Two Vilamoura residents want to create a Residents’ Association to represent the interests of those living within the resort, which has recently been the centre of much media attention following several cases of crime reported in the area.

Carlos Raposo and António Rodrigues believe the Vilamoura residents “live in fear” due to the high levels of crime and need a ‘voice’ to expose this and many other issues concerning them.

“Often subjects are discussed in Câmara meetings but there is no one there to speak on behalf of the residents,” Carlos Raposo, a retired doctor, told the Algarve Resident.

The two Vilamoura residents hope several issues affecting the residents can be tackled at local government level through the association, and quality of life can be improved in an area that has always been known as a safe holiday destination.

Carlos Raposo
Carlos Raposo is confident that residents would agree to paying a monthly fee to a security company to increase a visible presence of uniformed personnel on the streets, which would act as a deterrent to potential criminals.

“However, the backing of a registered association to take these matters to Câmara level is the only way of obtaining results,” he said.

If you are a Vilamoura resident and would like to become a member of this association, please call Carlos Raposo (English speaker) on 918 176 805 or email

If you are a Vilamoura resident and would like to become a member of this association, please call Carlos Raposo (English speaker) on 918 176 805 or email craposo1@yahoo.com.

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Re: Vilamoura residents take action

Post by vee8 on Fri Jul 10, 2009 5:01 am

Good for them, I say!
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Post by Royal on Wed Jul 15, 2009 7:46 am

This is an excellent idea, to have your own sort of vigilante patrolling a residential area plagued by criminals and trouble makers! Where I used to live in a decent middle class area we were being attacked by burglars and vandals believed to be coming from a council estate only a mile or two away. To overcome this problem we did exactly what Carlos Raposo is suggesting and many, "not all" I must add, of the residents made a weekly contribution employing our own 'security agent'who in reality was quite powerless in the eyes of the law! However, this man had his own well marked security vehicle and wore clothing almost representative of a uniform appearance! He would patrol the estate mostly during the day time when properties were most likely to be empty, the owners either out at work, business or maybe just out shopping! If we were to be absent for any length of time, say on holiday or away for the weekend we would inform him and he would pay extra attention to your home! On his rounds should he see anything which looked suspicious he would ring the local policeman who would I expect decide whether or not the situation required looking into! The appearance of this security man patrolling the estate did I believe have some effect on reducing crime, but as often happens in these situations the contributors began dropping out of the scheme until eventually there were insuficient numbers to maintain the security mans presence and after a year of so he abandoned the project completely!

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Re: Vilamoura residents take action

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