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Joe Moura on Geraldo

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Re: Joe Moura on Geraldo

Post by AlexG on Wed May 27, 2009 3:19 am


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Re: Joe Moura on Geraldo

Post by Marilyn on Wed May 27, 2009 11:31 pm

clairesy wrote:
AlexG wrote:

I hasten to add that I do think that Madeleine is alive, so even though I would hate for her to have been in his clutches, she could still be alive and she must be found and brought home, no matter what though.
Do you mind if I ask a delicate question ?
If you were a "God" and if you could chose between a Madeleine that died on the night of the abduction without suffering and if possible by accident and a Madeleine that is still alive somewhere being abused in all worse ways you can imagine (and I'm not only talking about sexual abuse but also torture, etc....) what would you chose ?
And to spare you a question, I believe that she might still be alive.

hi alex,marilin once said something on sky news blogs that made soo much sense and it sort of puts things into perspective in a way.And its true aswel. Being hurt or abused is terrible, feeling that death might be an easier option might be easier to imagine because it softens the blow of imagining anything else happening to that person..........however as Marilin said, people recover from abuse,and they do. But there is nothing more final than death.And therefore i hope Madeleine is alive,i hope she isnt being hurt,but if she is,i know with her family and friends she can overcome that one day.Im sure she will .Others do, and they go on to live happy lives. Those who have been abused wouldn't be better of dead,they have lives to live,people to love and be loved by.Life goes on and it can be a Rosie place to be even after being hurt by someone. Death on the other hand is final and once you have been given that you cannot recover from it. Lets just hope Madeleine's only pain as been the seperation from her family and friends,nothing more.

Hello Claire .. I heard my name and here I am. And you still spell my name wrong. lol!
I remember on Sky when I made that comment .. you were being attacked as usual by the rabid anti's and were somewhat downhearted. My point of view has not changed. Our life is ours, and belongs to us and us alone. Madeleine's life is hers and as long as she breathes there should be hope of rescue and recovery. Children are incredibly brave, we learn more fear as we get older in fact. If she is suffering now it does not mean she would be better off dead just to make some people feel better .. it's not their choice or their right .. Madeleine is only 6 years and if she can be saved she will have a full lifetime to recover from all pain and suffering. To declare her dead .. as the PJ are doing .. is a final and monstrous betrayal of this poor child. Keep hoping Claire .. I do.

Marilyn flower

PS: my book has arrived too. What an achievement it is! Magnificant work by the authors. applause


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