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New sexual abuse undermine Casa Pia

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New sexual abuse undermine Casa Pia

Post by christabel on Mon May 18, 2009 6:06 am

Portugal - 05/09/2009

New sexual abuse undermine Casa Pia

. Two brothers were minors abused repeatedly in the College of Santa Clara, the Casa Pia for several colleagues.

Casa Pia is upset at the most shocking in the institution since the famous case involving media figures and students casapianos. Ummenino of 10 years who was in charge of the institution was repeatedly abused and violated, in the College of Santa Clara, at least one colleague, older than him. ". His younger brother, 8 years, also abused as evidence reports of the Office of the Casa Pia deMedicina Legal.Aprovedora, Joaquina Madeira, confirmed yesterday that the 24 hours but if there are guarantees only "evidence of sexual transgression in relation to one of the brothers , to 10 years. " 8
The director of the college where this happened, Fátima Conscience, already has a disciplinary procedure and risk a suspension permanent. This is because, given the strong evidence of abuse, an employee of this college and stifled menorizou event, trying to solve it internally, between the two minors. The 24 hours of the case heard by judicial sources and the Commission for the Protection of Minors, which guarantee us were two victims in this case - the two brothers, 10 and 8 years, students in the College of Santa Clara. There were also several colleagues abusers, according to these same sources.

Twice removed
The kids involved in this case, Manuel and James (fictitious names), were withdrawn by the Commission for Children to the mother, by gross negligence of the parents, to be delivered to the care of Casa Pia where they were victims of sexual abuse by older students -- one has 14 anos.Os sexual abuse occurred at least between January and March this year, noColégio deSantaClara in Lisbon, where the two brothers were placed. But abuses may have existed before, since the two children were in college since 2008.
The Commission for the Protection of Minors Lisbon North withdrew the children from school casapiano emMarço this year after receiving a complaint from the mother of the kids.
We must emphasize that the children were not abused sóumavezmas many, at least five times for the eldest, who is now 10 years. And several colleagues older abusers," said to 24 hours of the technical Commission for the Protection of Minors Lisbon North, who followed the case. "Shocked" with the drama of two brothers, the technique stresses that "the Commission never knew of the situation by officials of the Casa Pia but by the mother of the kids." Ironias da vida, a mesma mãe a quem Manuel e Tiago tinham sido retirados por negligência grave. Ironies of life, the same mother whom Manuel and James had been removed by gross negligence.
"The boys were entitled to spend the week-end with the mother. And one of those week-end retail eventually tell their mother what was happening for months" Since then the Commission has acted quickly to withdraw the two brothers of the College Nun'Álvares. "The Commission for the Protection of Minors Lisbon announced the North to the prosecution and for Social Security." Currently, the process of promoting smaller Commission Lisbon moved north to the Court of Family and Children."The mother dosmenores withdrew consent to continue the promotion process at the Commission. And the Court of Family and Children issued a measure of support for doismeninos ficarememcasa with amãe. Medico-legal expertise in the Office of Legal Medicine of Lisbon confirmed strong evidence of sexual abuse and rape. According asduasvítimas, foramváriososcolegasmais old who abused them. Since March, the two children are at home comamãe.

They lived a hell

The story of Manuel and James begins in 2005 when the ComissãodeProtecçãodeMenoresseinteira of their situation. For two years, until 2007, were followed. Before evidence of gross negligence in the basic care owed by the mother of two children, and to a father absent, the Commission has, as a host, the transfer of children to an institution. According to established legal source connected to the case in 2007 the two brothers were under the care of the Home of St. Anthony, of Mercy, located at Conde Redondo, in Lisbon. In this home, also was a delicate situation with Manuel, the eldest. Fimde a-week that was passing the house of the mother, the boy appeared with a torn lip wound. Before the alarm given by the mother, the Technical Commission was home. The institution was quick to establish the facts: a technique of home had beaten the child and, therefore, was suspended and open disciplinary proceedings. "Compared to what happened at Casa Pia, the performance of the home of Mercy has been exemplary," judicial sources said.

Investigation in Casa Pia

In an interview yesterday with 24 hours, the provider of Casa Pia, Joaquina Madeira then confirmed that "the director of the College of Santa Clara, Fatima Innocent, and an employee of the institution are being targeted by offering a survey in this case." Asanção maximum is the dismissal. The College of Santa Clara already has one director in office.
"It is intolerable!" Joaquina Madeira noted the case emFevereiro, through the Commission for the Protection of Minors. Apparently, there was the error here, porparte of officials of the college, you want to omit, solve everything from the smallest house and not notify the authorities in case the parents and the Commission. I do not accept it, is intolerable! At that Casa Pia crosses can not be! . In case the qualified provider comodo "high seriousness," two heads rolled straight away: the director of Santa Clara College and the employee that would have grasped more directly the evidence of sexual abuse. "Open an investigation whose maximum penalty is dismissal.
The director is responsible pessoamais having clear guidelines as to what to do in such cases and did not. And the employee who most closely followed the case because, given the evidence, not acted as it should. "As to the student who sexually abused by Manuel, is to be" duly supported by psychologists and child psychiatry and the institution continues in college. "It according to the provider, a family past "difficult." "This month is the experience in college, to see how runs." If the child abuser, "the team of the Casa Pia was the correct one, at that time.
That is, informed the court and spoke with his mother. "For the child victim is that" the behavior of the team was wrong. "The two brothers, Manuel and James, are now being accompanied by staff of the Santa Casa da Misericórdia Lisbon. The court also ordered that the children were transferred from the school of Algueirão, where studied, FOR school in Alcântara, Lisbon village where his mother lives. "Responsibility of the College of Santa Clara spoke with the mother of the student and asked for apology has not acted sooner. "Joaquina Madeira does not accept that these cases continue to occur in the institution." zero tolerance for these situations. Quem deve saber dos casos tem que saber tudo. Who should know of the cases have to know everything. This is obviously not see where there are no abuses. "
Sorry translation not very good, but the abuse is still going on. Who's going to put a stop to this in Portugal?

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Re: New sexual abuse undermine Casa Pia

Post by clairesy on Mon May 18, 2009 6:36 am

No one christabell absolutely no one because imo no one gives a dam.....those who do, don't have the power to anything because those who are suppose to be doing something have other priorities.and the kids have no f"king voice.None at all

They took those kids from their parents for protection and put them into a state home(where they are suppose be cared for) and they were sexually abused.Thats disgusting,they need to shut that home lock everyone of the b"stards up that work there because don't tell me they didn't know....the parents raised concerned but the staff didn't?????like hell.

It makes me sick.Drives nails through me when people seem to think that a kid can be used and then they are discarded of like a piece of trash that isn't needed anymore.And noone is willing to help them and arrest these crazy sad excuses of human beings because its easier to brush it under the f"king carpet. And thats the top and bottom line of the matter.

Problem is when these kids grown up whos going to help them pick the pieces up when they look back and have to face yet again.............the mess forced onto them by these sickos???NOone because once again its seen as the past and no longer a priority anymore. They are alone when they are abused and they a;one when they ave t fix their tormented minds............Shame they don't do enough in the first place. Sick to imo.

I would gladly smash the faces in of those who have done this to them.Infact i think they should allow these people to be sentenced by their victims.I think thats only fair,after all they are the ones who truly know how bad the crime was.Not a judge,not a cop and no one else either. And the accused shouldn't be given rights.They dont deserve them.Anyone who believes they should be given rights and a chance in court is as bad as them. personally i wouldn't want hear the reasons given by one of them sickos,what possible reason could they give that would be good enough tog ive them a lighter sentence,what possible reason would they have that a jury would want to be listening to???

NOw the ex governor said without a shadow of doubt she believes abuse is still going on at casa pia,social services in Portugal said it wasn't they were confident of that because they visited the home and spoke to staff????What a f"ucking shambles.Whos responsible for the pain those kids have endured and the emotions and upset they have yet to come???.......the staff, the social services, the whole frigging state imo.

I am fuming over this because they knew.They were told,and they have yet again done nothing.Makes me wanna cry,why don't people think its important?No wonder people abuse kids. They can .
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Re: New sexual abuse undermine Casa Pia

Post by littleminx on Mon May 18, 2009 7:01 am

omg i really can not bieleve this, this is heartbreaking.
i speachless.

clairesy said quote..
NOw the ex governor said without a shadow of doubt she believes abuse is still going on at casa pia,social services in Portugal said it wasn't they were confident of that because they visited the home and spoke to staff????What a f"ucking shambles.Whos responsible for the pain those kids have endured and the emotions and upset they have yet to come???.......the staff, the social services, the whole frigging state imo.

well said my friend...
What r they gona do about it!! they really need to stand up and do something NOW!!

minx x

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Re: New sexual abuse undermine Casa Pia

Post by Pedro Silva on Mon May 18, 2009 7:30 am


Pedro Silva
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Re: New sexual abuse undermine Casa Pia

Post by Rosie on Mon May 18, 2009 11:45 pm

So despite the ongoing case of Casa Pia in the Portuguese courts, the abuse continues, just as the former matron of this home said it was.

Despite this the Portuguese authorities have allowed certain people to get away with abusing children in the Casa Pia scandal, because it will shed a bad light over Portugal and again people in high places are being protected and the concerns over tourism, seem to take precedence over children in the care of the State!

How long are the good and decent people of Portugal going to continue sticking their heads in the sand and refuse to see what is going on right underneath their noses?

I know that there are good decent Portuguese people, I have had the privilege to be in contact with many this past two years, some really kind and caring lovely people and some really extremely brave and noble people too and I have also come to learn that not every member of the PJ is corrupt, there are many who do that job for the good of their country. All these people have one thing in common they are banging their heads against a brick wall, in order for change to happen, for Portugal to be as much as a democracy as any other European country (as much as we are democratic I accept that) then there has to be a sea change of opinion in Portugal and people have to wake up to the fact that there is corruption on a large scale and that their needs a people and their safety and their family's safety is NOT being considered as well as it might be.
There is still an undercurrent of fear in Portugal, people seem scared witless of some in authority.

Until these basic problems are tackled, then children will continue to disappear, people will wrongly be accused, innocent people will continue to be beaten, tortured and end up in prison for something they did not do and children will continue to be abused.

Anyone speaking out about this or trying to do something about it, will be publicly humiliated, ridiculed and framed. Don't believe me? Look it up for yourselves!

Look at what happened n the Casa Pia case.
Look at what happened to Leonor Cipriano.
Look at what happened to Kate and Gerry McCann.

no way
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Re: New sexual abuse undermine Casa Pia

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