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daneil krugel body finding expert

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daneil krugel body finding expert

Post by clairesy on Sun May 17, 2009 9:03 pm

Something as just come to me ................wasn't it gonc who criticised the mccanns for even considering the body finder man??there was some guy who said he could track bodies with some sort of contraption he had invented.I read not long ago that the mccanns were criticised for firstly being so adamant that Madeleine was alive and then for even considering using this guy which would suggest she is dead!!!. Gerry sent a particle of Madeleine's hair to the guy who used it for dna purposes.

But what baffles me though is this..............if gonc was soooo blooming adamant that they hide her body surly he have jumped on this body finding guy like a rash...............After all this guy as successfully helped in cases before where missing persons cannot be found.The body finding guy said he tracked her body to some unused land near the beach. But he was left confused and frustrated that the area wasn't actually searched after his find..He gave a detailed report to police and told them exactly what should be done next,yet they done nothing.They sealed the area off ,but no search was conducted.

If gonc is soo adamant they hid her body then why wouldn't he have authorised such a search? Surly the mans find would have been in support of goncs theory? I cant understand why he didn't get the JCB's in??

Now one might think ....''why would gerry and kate want to ask for his help if they are convinced she is alive ....but that would be perfectly normal because they would have wanted to rule out that she is dead. But with gonc....he was adamant they hid her near the beach yet when told her body layed there he sealed off the area but no search for her body was conducted??why???

Was that because he knew it would be a waste of time?? might it because they knew Madeleine wasn't dead to?? IMO if you believed she was buried near the beach and then someone came along and pin pointed the exact are she is buried at you would have carried out a through search of that area in order to support your own theory.Not ignored it.

heres a look to that report....and by goggling you would probably find a lot more on this.


it just baffles me how he can be soooo convinced of their guilt yet fail to carry out a search tight there in the area she was abducted from.
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Re: daneil krugel body finding expert

Post by rosemary on Mon May 18, 2009 2:40 am

As far as I remember Krugel does not only locate dead bodies but missing people too. My gut feeling about this is that if he pinpointed an area on the beach then it would have been searched. By night if necessary. I canīt imagine Kate and Gerry not wanting this area searched - unless due to the media publicity etc they were advised to leave it. But it doesnīt sound right to me. I am sure they would prefer to know the worst than nothing at all. Like any of us.
What may have happened too is that it was searched, somehow without attracting attention, and nothing was found. Who knows...there may have been traces of Madeleine left there if her body had simply rested there awhile, before being moved on, by sea or by another abductor. I have always thought there was more than one person involved. But it is all guesswork on my or anyone elseīs behalf.

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Re: daneil krugel body finding expert

Post by dianeh on Mon May 18, 2009 8:23 am

If I were a suspicious sort, I may think that the beach wasnt searched with the dogs (although I have read elsewhere that the beach was searched by the dogs, but I dont really understand how Eddie and Keela would operate under beach conditions) because of a couple of reasons.

1. The police knew already that Madeleine's body was not there (how can this be, surely they could not know where it is)
2. Better to have no proof of the body being there, or not being there, as then the beach can be used in some stupid theory and not be contradicted with hard evidence (you know like writing in a book that Madeleiene's body was buried on the beach).
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Re: daneil krugel body finding expert

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