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Cuddle Cat

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Cuddle Cat Empty Cuddle Cat

Post by Rosie on Fri Jan 09, 2009 12:57 pm

Kate McCann did not wash cuddle cat until 3 months after Madeleine went missing.

Eddie the cadaver scenting dog, was seen pulling cuddle cat out of the bin in the lounge area, he then proceeded to toss it up in the air, then ignore it and trot away sniffing somewhere else, showing no inclination at all in indicating a positive.

Later (and we do not know how much later, or how much time had elapsed) we saw Eddie pull cuddle cat from a cupboard in the bedroom and then indicated a positive.

  1. This was four months after Madeleine went missing.
  2. One month 'AFTER' cuddle cat had been washed.
  3. The PJ neglected to send 'cuddle cat' for forensic examination immediately, they waited for four months to elapse.
  4. By the time cuddle cat went for forensics tests, it was highly cross contaminated and no matter what was found on it, the toy would not have been admissible in a court of law, as there would be no way of determining how any evidence managed to get on cuddle cat!
  5. How much time had elapsed between Eddie first tossing cuddle cat up in the air, before abandoning it, and then finding it in the cupboard before strangely indicating a positive with it?
  6. Who handled cuddle cat after Eddie tossed it in the air and abandoned it?
  7. Assuming that cuddle cat did not get up and run into the cupboard on its own, who actually placed cuddle cat in the cupboard?
  8. Was Eddie reacting to his own scent on cuddle cat, or that of his masters?
  9. What had the person that actually handled cuddle cat been doing previously to touching the toy?
  10. With one positive alert and one negative, which are we supposed to believe?
  11. In a court of law, the judge instructs the jury, to bring in a guilty verdict only if it can be proved beyond reasonable doubt.
  12. A judge would instruct a jury NOT to give any weight to the "positive alert" because obviously as it is 50-50, it can NOT be proved beyond reasonable doubt.
  13. This is assuming of course that "sniffer dog evidence" is admissible in a court of law.
  14. Alas, so-called "sniffer dog evidence" is NOT admissible in a British court of law.
  15. "Sniffer-dog evidence" is NOT admissible in a Portuguese court of law.
  16. Mr Bennett's book, is virtually underpinned by this so-called "sniffer dog evidence".
  17. Mr Bennett, an EX solicitor, should know fully well that he simply does not have a case.
  18. The Portuguese prosecutor obviously knows this.
  19. There is not a chance that Mr Bennett will get his requested "Inquest".

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Cuddle Cat Empty Re: Cuddle Cat

Post by Guest on Fri Jan 09, 2009 6:04 pm

The PJ will only re open the case if and when new evidence justifies it.

Mr Bennett is not presenting any new evidence. All he seems to be doing is telling the PJ that they didn't do their job well enough, post Sr Amaral and shouldn't have put the case on the shelf. Teaming up with Sr Amaral is a bit like saying he was right and they are wrong. I doubt the PJ will be flattered about these two at all.

Trying to bring an inquest in the UK is another option. No doubt if the Portuguese mission fails an attempt will be made over here.

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Cuddle Cat Empty Re: Cuddle Cat

Post by clairesy on Fri Jan 09, 2009 9:24 pm

imo, the smell of death is a load of cock and bull anyway.Back in the early stages of Madeleine disappearing...when the pj first started investigating her abduction.They said that they were looking for a live child.That there was no evidence indicating she had come to any harm.One of them(i remember) even said that if indeed Madeleine had been killed and her body hidden,then it would only be a matter of time before her body was found.In such a hot country, the remains of a body couldn't be hidden very well and if it wasn't wild animals that would smell and find her decomposing body,then a member of the public would soon come across it.

What bothers me is how all this as now changed.IMO it changed when the worlds media and the worlds public wouldn't let the case drop.When Madeleine become a world wide interest and everyone was interested...the eye of the world was looking on at the pj and watching them...begging for them to find Madeleine and no one was willing to let the child be forgotten.Thats when they changed their tune....when they wouldn't allow British cops and sniffer dogs into luz to help in the search...and when they eventually brought in the parents to make them suspects.
IMO that was all to re-focus the way people perceived Madeleine's plight... and change public opinion.

It was after the pj started turning the finger of blame onto the mccanns that the real hate campaign against them truly began....all this(imo) was done for a reason. The finger of fault and blame was being pointed at the pj in the early days...all their mistakes were pointed out...their investigating into Madeleine's abduction was being scrutanised by the entire worlds public, media, and other professionals.They all critisised them for not doing a proper job....for doing things wrong and painfully slow. That is why(imo) the pj turned the tables onto the mccanns.Blaming them for disrupting their work..blaming them for causing too much interest into the case. And then they allowed leaks into the media that told the public how the mccanns were suppose to be lying,uncaring parents...how Kate appears cold...how they jogged not long after she was abducted,how they have inconsistencies in their statements,how Kate was a manic depressive on pills,how she was under strain looking after the children alone etc etc etc.The list goes on and on and on. And all because the PJ were under pressure.They were doing things wrong,not the mccanns. And while they played their game of finger pointing..Madeleine slipped deeper into a world she doesn't belong in.

The pj used their own sniffer dogs in the early days however nothing was found.Although after months of pressure they allowed the British over with their dogs...and law and behold the smell of death and blood was found everywhere.........Madeleine's dna is suddenly found in many places and the mccanns clothes and items of toys are riddled with the death scent.

Why did the pj's sniffer dogs fail to find a single piece of this so called evidence?? Is it because there was simply nothing to find in the first place??

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Cuddle Cat Empty Re: Cuddle Cat

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